Wednesday Roll Call

on 6/8/16 9:35 am - Rock City, IL

Good morning, Illinois!

I have been pretty busy lately at work and home.  I just remembered to check in.

Lisa--have a great vacation and cruise!  Hopefully the storms will tone down.

Nancy--CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!  I am so happy for you.  I think I would like to work from home, but I love being here with the kiddos also.

I have two board meeting this week after work (the first was last night, the next tomorrow night).  I have to take Todd for a colonoscopy on Friday and am speaking at Rosecrance on Saturday.  

I traveled up to see my surgery team on Monday to see if they had any help with the weight gain and basically, the answer was to do what I know is correct, do not cheat (even a little) and see the dietitian again in three months.  The psychologist was the most helpful and reminded me that I should keep in touch via "MyChart" and touch base in 3 weeks instead.  I AM trying, but I guess, "try harder" is the answer.

Liv is home, but works so much, we hardly see her.  I will be encouraging her to have down time with friends, as that is very important, especially before she goes back to the difficulty of college.

I will have Riley this weekend, and her birthday is Tuesday.  I'm still trying to think of what we could do to celebrate.

That's about it for me!


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crystal M.
on 6/8/16 2:03 pm - Joliet, IL

Hello there

I am busy at work.  They have put a lot of extra work on me and now I am going, going, going. 

I have Friday off to go into the city to celebrate my birthday.  Saturday we are doing something with his family.  I think it's nice they want to celebrate my day.

Oh did I tell you what I am getting for my birthday.  I know we have a really great back patio.  It's beautiful with the paver stones and all.  But the problem is there is no shade.  So Unless we buy one of those huge gazebo things or attach an awning to the house we have to sit and bake in the sun.  So I wanted something nice to sit on for the front porch.  It's covered and we could sit out there and enjoy sun or rain.  I found a really nice cedar glider with a matching table.  Greg is getting that for me.  Yay!!!!

Dawn- I am sure you will get through this difficult part and do well.  I just love how much help they are...basically...try harder is their answer.  LOL. 

Well I got to get going.  See ya later



on 6/8/16 8:50 pm - IL

I sshould be going to bed, but I just want to touch base.

Nancy, I am glad that Rick is doing better, it has to be a relief to see the end in sight.

Dawn, I am having problems with my weight too. I guess it means we know what to do, now we just need to do it.

Dawn, is there anyplace that offers a Tea? Riley is just the age to enjoy it.

We are leaving for O'hare at 7 in the morning. I am so  ready for this vacation.

Hugs, Lisa




Nancy G.
on 6/9/16 5:17 pm - La Salle, IL

Hello all! 

Well life is never boring.  I was going through training for my new job and things were seeming too good to be true. Well yesterday I had a check overnighted to me to get supplies.  When I tried to deposit it, the bank refused the check saying this company that issued the check is writing checks on a closed account and they are being returned.  

When I got back from the bank and started questioning my supervisor he blocked me in the middle of our conversation.  So all the people I had contact have been reported to the FBI.  Next I am filing a local police report.  Unfortunately a previous check that I deposited and thought had cleared was returned.  I am out $1700.00!  Being unemployed of course I dont have that kind of money and had to dip into my savings before I am charged with an overdraft.  My bank is working with me as well. I have all kinds of documents for the police.  They will be charged with US Postal fraud, internet fraud, fraud to the elderly and more.  Now they have to catch them.  

I am a cross between   and .  They were really good as deception.  I had checked out the company, the reviews on and tried to be cautious.  Now I can only be proactive to helping catch these ##$%^^& thieves.  

My good news was Rick had his birthday yesterday and Gizmo and I went to see him.  We had a good visit and celebration.

My new cat escape proof fence is supposed to be installed on Saturday!   I have been waiting about 6 weeks for my guy to find time to get it done.  

I hope Lisa has a fabulous cruise.  Dawn you sound so busy and happy.  Enjoy your time with Liz when you get to see her!  Kids her age NEVER stay home! 

Crystal have a super time in the city on Friday and with the relatives on Saturday!  I like your present from Greg.  The two of you should really enjoy it. 

Everyone safe and happy



    Cat Lady

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