WLS Friendly PCP in the Northwest Suburbs

on 6/16/16 11:33 am


I'm very new here but WLS is something I had thought about for years! My PCP is not supportive of my decision to go forward with WLS.  I would like to know if anyone can recommend a PCP in the Chicago Northwest suburbs?

Thank you! 

on 6/21/16 7:13 am - Rock City, IL

Hi and Welcome!!!

Unfortunately, I can not help you, but some of the others that are from that area may be able.  I just wanted to welcome you and congratulate you on a decision that will change your life!



Tell someone that you love them!

Donna L.
on 2/8/17 3:22 pm - Chicago, IL
Revision on 02/19/18

My PCP at Edward Hospital's Plainfield location is very WLS friendly, but far from the NW burbs.  Her name is Neha Shah.

I follow a ketogenic diet post-op. I also have a diagnosis of binge eating disorder. Feel free to ask me about either!

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on 1/25/18 9:18 am
RNY on 11/28/17

Hi, Donna - I'm new to this site. Doesn't seem very active in Illinois. I just had RNY this past November. Have you ever gone to the annual meeting? There is one in Cali this year. I'm curious and might want to go...

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