Sunday Roll Call

on 6/26/16 4:51 am - IL

Good Morning,

Karen, I hope you have a better weather day today, then you did yesterday. Up here in the northern half of the state, we had a great sunny day. Today is going to be 50/50.

I am heading outside to my front porch to drink my coffee. This is one of my special places to go first thing in the morning, this time of year. I will drink my coffee, andswing on my swing, and read a few pages of my current book.

Chicken is on the menu for tonight. Hopefully grilled. Filled chocolate cupcakes for dessert.

All I am going to do today is pick up  my scrapbooking stuff so I can take it to my daughters house on Tuesday. We are having a craft day. I don't know what she is working on at this time.

Have a great day,




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