back for hernia repair and revision

Denise R.
on 7/12/14 12:08 am

Very upset about this post and ashamed. Looking for someone who can relate. Have Appt with Dr. Evanston this Wed for hernia surgery date and will find out about his ideas on revision. I had RNY in 2002 and lost 267 pounds. I need to loose 60-70 pounds again. I can explain more when I feel comfortable here once again.Thanks

on 8/19/14 1:32 am
VSG on 09/10/14

I'm just going in for my VSG but I wanted to let you know that you aren't alone! There is actually a girl here at my work that had a Lap Band done. It hasn't worked out for her (I don't like to say it failed because she tried so hard!) but she's going in for a revision. So, please, know that you aren't alone and there are others that require revision. Nothing works 100%! :)


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