Hello Indianapolis!!! Is anyone out there???

on 11/21/14 4:48 am - New Castle, IN

Hello??? Indy??? And surrounding areas? Can you hear me?

on 12/20/14 2:49 am - Indianapolis, IN
DS on 03/25/15
On November 21, 2014 at 12:48 PM Pacific Time, sparkling_dawn wrote:

Hello??? Indy??? And surrounding areas? Can you hear me?

Hi! I'm in Indy!


on 12/29/14 12:54 am
On December 20, 2014 at 10:49 AM Pacific Time, msladykris wrote:
On November 21, 2014 at 12:48 PM Pacific Time, sparkling_dawn wrote:

Hello??? Indy??? And surrounding areas? Can you hear me?

Hi! I'm in Indy!

Hello there I'm from Indianapolis Indiana also. I had RNY    surgery on September 13 of 2012 and so far I've lost 100 pounds however sad to say I've gained back about 30. I have been through a lot lately and I had a lot of complications right after surgery I had developed an ulcer  I had to have a pic line in my own arm for four months and just recently about four months ago after two years I had developed a blood clot on my lungs so I have been through a lot and I'm trying to pick myself back up and get back on track. I have just been feeling a little sad and a little disappointed that I have not lost more weight but at the same time I realize that I did not stay on the plan and did not exercise on a regular basis so therefore I am trying to pick myself up and start all over again I know deep down in my heart that I can go through this journey and reach my goal 

on 12/2/15 4:28 am - Indianapolis, IN
RNY on 12/04/15

I'm in Indianapolis in Castleton.  My surgery is in 2 days, on Friday 12/4/15.

67 yrs old, 4'10", BMI 31.8 (51.8 at start), HW 256.4 (8/4/15), SW 217.4, CW 152.8 (4/30/18), GW 125.0, RNY 12/4/15 Dr. RoseMarie Jones, Breast Cancer DX 2/16, Bi-lateral mastectomy 8/9/16.

on 12/22/14 9:47 am

Hello im in indiana too and was born and raised in indianapolis!

on 12/27/14 5:54 am - Indianapolis , IN

I live in Indianapolis and am just starting my journey!!!

on 1/9/15 2:51 pm - Indianapolis, IN

Hi everyone one, I'm from Indy as well.  I am 12 years post op RNY.  I am trying to lose some of my regain from steroids and poor eating choices.  I've had nothing but complications from day one, but I'm alive!  I've had to be on and off high doses of steroids for years which caused me to regain 90 pounds.  I have lost all but 20 pounds of it.  For me it is a lot slower this far out, but as long as I keep seeing progress I am happy.

Stephanie E

on 1/13/15 2:36 am - Speedway, IN

Hi Stephanie-- i am post op 13 years and have gained back 100 of the 150 I lost-- now looking to get a revision-- I don't have a thyroid now which makes losing weight very difficult- yet i feel i must go back to some kind of life without the weight. I am interested in hearing more about how you are planning or doing a weight loss plan now.  thanks!

on 1/15/15 12:34 pm - Indianapolis, IN

I'd be happy to help in anyway.  You must live close if you are in Speedway.  I have family that lives in Speedway and I live on the west side myself.  Would you be interested in meeting in person at a public place?  There is a bariatric support group Tuesday night at the Speedway library at 6.

on 1/15/15 1:17 pm - Speedway, IN

Next Tuesday? Yes-- i can meet you there and look forward to it. my phone number is 509-1219.  i know they are gonna make me go to those meetings anyway.  LOL  see you then- Carol

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