Dr Cacucci GS done Jan 8th, 2015. Anyone else here have the DaVinci robot do their sleeve?

deb K.
on 1/23/15 4:02 am, edited 1/23/15 4:06 am - Kokomo, IN

I had my surgery on Jan 8 and I am down 26 pounds in 15 days.  Feeling great with no major issues whatsoever.  I had a Lap Band in 2007 that caused autoimmune symptoms and eventually had to be removed. I went 2 years between having the band removed and doing the sleeve .  I tried to fini**** on my own but got stuck in a tornado that destroyed everything I owned and I was living in hotels and eating out every night for 10 months and just fell into one hot mess of a depression with PTSD.  Once I got that under control and got my life back in some kind of normalcy, I reached out to Dr Cacucci and she helped me get the Sleeve set up.  The process of recovery from the band was WAY more difficult for me than from the sleeve.  This time there is no choking sensation at the base of the throat, Almost NO pain from the incision sites, very minimal soreness from the actual surgery, NO heartburn and NO excruciating hunger.  I was very nauseated with the band for the first 2 weeks and actually became intolerant of the protein drinks for about 3 months.  I didn't have ANY of that this time.  With the lap band, once the nausea waned, I got hungry.  I was so hungry all the time, that I had a hard time sleeping for weeks.  It probably took a good 4 months for the hunger to let up.  After that I was fine with it for several years.  But I only lost about 50 pounds, half of what I NEEDED to lose, in the whole 5 years I had the band in me.  Had several trips to ER with stuck meat and got admitted once right before it had to come out, with MORE stuff stuck.  So far with the Sleeve, I just fell NORMAL.  I really wish I had had this option in 2007.  The only things offered at that time to me were the DS, the band and the RNY.  I am wondering if my very positive recovery was due to the DaVinci robot.  I read somewhere where its more precise, less pain for patient, let risk of infection..  Dr Cacucci had done a bunch of them and apparently she is really good at it.  BTW  I absolutely love her.  She is a GREAT doctor and a really nice person.  I wouldn't see anyone else.  I trust her with my life!  

Lap Band December 26, 2007

Revised to Gastric Sleevectomy January 8th, 2015


on 1/30/15 8:03 am - Indianapolis , IN

I'm hoping to get the sleeve done. I'm not sure who will do my surgery yet. I have been looking up the doctors at St. Vincent. I go for a seminar on April 21. I have to do the six months of weight loss and all that good stuff! I did read good reviews on Dr. Cacucci. Thanks for the post!!

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