I had my surgery.....

on 2/15/15 8:18 am - Muncie, IN

I had my RNY with St. Vincent Bariatrics and Dr. Cacucci on Jan. 29, 2015. I was released from the hospital on Jan. 31st. Everything was fine. I came home on the Lovenox shots and the night I came home I had a massive nosebleed and went by ambulance to my local hospital's ER and was treated. Then my period started (and is still going on 15 days later). Dr. Cacucci took me off the Lovenox because of all my bleeding issues. Other than those problems things are going good. I've lost 21 pounds since surgery. I am still on pureed foods until the end of March.

on 2/22/15 10:46 am - Indianapolis, IN

It's been about a week, how are you doing now?  Hope everything has quieted down for you!


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