Misery Loves Company

on 12/22/15 6:04 pm

So they say "misery loves company" and this miserable soul is looking for company. I have to admit (repent?) that the last three and a half years of my "pouch life" have been pretty much handed to the dogs. I could give you all kinds of excuses if I wanted to but the truth is I took my pouch for granted. Admittedly, 4+ years ago even after surgery I could eat almost anything and not get sick. Even if I dumped, I moaned and groaned and threw up and still went on with the horrible behavior. Now the occasional binge and intentional ignorance, has led to me paying for it. I am about 100 lbs away from where I am supposed to be, when I used to only 35 lbs. away from goal,saddened by the gift I took for granted and perplexed because now that I keep growing in size, I no longer have anymore clothes I can fit into. Financially, I am not in the place in which I can afford a NUT again and I definitely can't just go out and buy a new wardrobe.


Normally I wouldn't do this (put my business out in the public eye), but I am DESPERATE to hear from anyone else that has taken their pouch for granted and successfully come back swinging. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE??? How did you get back on track? I will take anything that is given--advice or criticism! Thanks.


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VSG on 09/23/15

Hi there. I didn't have the RNY and I'm still in the VSG honeymoon period, but I've read about others who are in the same position you're in. The advice that's usually given to them is to go back to the beginning diet and start over. (If you don't have it, try calling your doc's office and see if they'll give you another copy.) If you still have the diet plan that your doctor gave you after surgery, follow that. Eat your protein first. Toss the carbs, there'll be a withdrawal period, but ride it out. Weigh and track every single thing you eat, even if it isn't in your diet plan. (I use the myfitnesspal app on my phone.) Hold yourself accountable.

I also weigh myself every single morning and log it into the MFP app. Some people say not to be a slave to the scale, but I find that weighing every day helps me to keep myself in check.

I also suggest that you try posting in the RNY forums since there is likely to be more people there who understand what you're going through and know the best way to get yourself turned around.

Good luck!

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