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on 4/9/16 11:30 pm

C'mon Hoosiers!  I know there are more people than myself involved in preparing for or having had WLS!!


I know Indiana is a pretty boring place but speak up please.  


I would love to find a weight loss buddy.  

I am PRE-OP RnY.  Still no date for surgery.  Kinda failed my psych evaluation in that I have to attend support classes and have my mental health therapist send a letter of my progress to the surgeon's nurse.  I guess that stemmed from me "going it alone"... in other words... I don't have much if any support system in place.  So, I guess my surgery won't be scheduled until yet MORE hoops are jumped through.   I started this process in August 2015.  Who knows how long it will be yet before I get a surgery date.

Let's hear your story.



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on 5/4/16 9:07 am

I have my consult 6-16 I pray it doesn't take that long til surgery

on 5/26/16 6:44 am

Have you had surgery yet

on 5/26/16 9:16 pm

Nope and no idea if/when I will.  Still trying to get information on that from the head of the Bariatrics program at St. Vincent Carmel.  He hasn't returned any phone calls.

In the meantime, I signed up for an online support group so I can attend two per month instead of one.  I also joined a walking club and will be purchasing a membership at my local YMCA to use the pool, weight room and take water aerobics classes.

I am tentatively planning to attend the cooking class at St. Vincent's Carmel when it comes up next (it's quarterly).  

I see my therapist every two weeks for mental health counseling.

I truly don't understand what else I can do to satisfy the Bariatric Center so they will move ahead and schedule my surgery.

on 5/27/16 4:51 am

Woe sounds like you are doing everything right

on 9/21/16 5:01 am
VSG on 10/12/16

Im here! Hoosiers unite! I have a scheduled date and couldn't be happier with my choice! Good luck to all on their WLS journey. I have been in the process since Feb 2016 (although I looked into it a few years ago) my insurance required that I have 6 months of supervised weight loss, while I was not exited for the initial wait, I feel this has really been beneficial in preparing me mentally for this journey. Please dont get discouraged if your surgery isnt immediate. From what I can tell it helps in the long run!

on 12/14/16 4:54 pm

I haven't been on here in a while but I'm done with my 6 month dietitian classes and did my follow-up this past Monday. They suppose to submit on that day too. So, I'm waiting and if approved, i will be waiting even more because that's how it is at community north hospital ?

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