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on 5/4/16 9:37 am

I have my Dr consultation the 16th of June how long from consultation y surgery ??

on 5/11/16 1:34 am

I had my consultation Oct. 6, 2015.  Wait time depends on several things, your insurance requirements, psych eval date, jumping through lots of hoops.  I still haven't had my surgery, was put on hold after my psych eval due to not having a support system they felt was adequate.

I am in counseling as well as attending monthly support groups for WLS folks.  I recently also signed up for an online webinar that meets monthly just to try to get in more support.  I am tentatively planning to drive down to Carmel for a cooking class that meets quarterly.

I don't know what else I can do to please them enough to get my surgery scheduled.


Good luck to you.  Where is your consultation and with which Bariatric Surgeon?

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Height:  5' 8"  Initial Consultation:  10/6/2015  HW:  286.5   CW:  277

on 5/18/16 12:06 pm

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