Monday Roll Call

on 1/15/06 8:23 pm - Indianapolis, IN
Good morning everyone! I had planned on getting up at 4 this morning and tan & do 2 miles on the treadmill before coming into work but....snoozed it till 5:30! Oh well, maybe I'll be better tomorrow. All of my grandkids so far has a birthdate exactly 4 months and 1 day apart. Chance's is Jan. 13, Myranda's is May 14th, and Shyanne's is Sept. 15th. If grandchild #4 stays in step with his brother, sister, and cousin, today will be his birth date!! We just passed a full moon on the 14th, so who knows? Could be today. Tiffany's due date per the doctor isn't until Feb. 12th but per her last sonogram Jan. 25th. If she doesn't go in labor before then, the doc is doing a c-section on Feb. 5th (which is a full moon). The baby is breach, so it will be a 'c'. Anyway, I am really hoping it is today!! LOL! Tiff hemoraged with the last one and was told it was because she carried her for too long so it makes us all nervous for Tiff to go beyond the 25th (the sonogram's due date). Besides, I just wanna see that new grandson! Hope you all have a terrific day! Sherri
on 1/15/06 8:44 pm - Indianapolis, IN
Stop rushing that poor baby will come when it's ready (or they take it out ) You just want a new baby to hold Can't wait until my kids give me some babies to hold My daughter was breach a week before she was born...but thank goodness she turned before I went into labor and found her own way out And let me tell ya...she can't find her way out of a bag now She has no sense of direction even now...poor thing. Let us know when baby gets here See ya next Saturday!!!!
on 1/16/06 1:04 am - Indianapolis, IN
Since we have a baby in the family that's only 4 months old, my anxiousness over this one has more to do with my concern for my daughter than wanting to hold this young man. He's been breach (butt, not feet) since ~6 months into the pregnacy so we aren't holding our breath for him to decide to turn around now. Since Tiffany has a tendency to have difficult births, I am so glad this will be her last one! They are going to do a tubal when they do the c-section. I'm just hoping she gets through this without hemoraging again. No call from the expectant mom yet.... Sherri
Linda Kay
on 1/15/06 9:39 pm - Mooresville, IN
Thats funny my grandson was born July 27 and my 3 granddaughters were born 2 years later... 2 minutes apart...on June 27 Cant beat a grandbaby!! It will come in GODS time. Linda
on 1/15/06 10:43 pm - Indianapolis, IN
ooh boy...hope the little thing gets turned around....i need a new small one, my youngest just turned 8...but i guess i am getting a new granddog...LMAO...nothing better than those little people...
on 1/15/06 10:43 pm - Thorntown, IN
Hi everyone, Wow, we had a wild weekend ! My Hubby was off the first time this yr. & we HAD planned on a night out but- our daughter woke up in pain on Fri. which became so bad that by 4;00pm. she was calling for help. We went to St.V's Frankfort & she was in the Emergency for 5 hrs. till they found out she had appendicitis. Then they put her in a room, ONLY to decide to transfer her 10min. later to St. V's 86th St. Well, by the time she was transfered, it was 1pm.!! She had emergency surgery at 2- in a room by 4 -& was sent home at 10am. We were all shocked that they sent her home after only 6 hrs. She has 4 boys, so Grandpa & Grandma had our hands full! 2 of them are 11 mo .apart & nearly teens-oh boy!!!!!! Plus I shopped for hers/my family-I haven't bought so much food in 3 months!!! Any way, all is well that ends well. We went to Grandaughters 3 rd,. birthday, which was Sun. afternoon. We enjoyed seeing her interact with her gifts. She is only 3' tall & weighs 22 lbs.(was born 13 weeks premature) & is such a joy!!! Plus, we spoil her rotton since she is the "one & only". So Sherri, I know how you feel! I hope everyone has a great day!! I hear we might have a nice crowd for Sat. Linda.( I have alot of things to try on before then * keep or give away.) Talk to you all later, & see you soon!!!! (((hugs))) Ellen
on 1/15/06 11:30 pm - Indianapolis, IN
ooh i know you enjoyed those 4 boys...hope the daughter is feeling much better...i know one granddaughter with 4 grandsons she is rotten..... i am still sorting and doing...such work
(deactivated member)
on 1/15/06 11:37 pm
Good Morning Everyone! I hope you all are having a great Monday. I am really excited today, I'm finally under 230 pounds. YIPEE!! I honestly cannot remember the last time that I weighed less than 200 lbs. I'm actually going to get to onderland. It now seems like a reality instead of a dream. Sheri~ I no longer try to work out in the am. I would love to be able to, but I end up snoozing every time so I now just plan on the afternoon. Its just too hard to get out of bed before 5am when it is dark and cold outside. Take care!! Jaimee
on 1/16/06 12:57 am - Indianapolis, IN
Jaimee, I've tried the route of saying that I'd do the treadmill when I get home from work...and it never happens. So...I just have to get my butt out of bed. Once I get in the swing of doing it, it'll be no problem. It's just that first morning. Ah well! I'll give it anoter go in the morning. Sherri
(deactivated member)
on 1/16/06 1:09 am
Good luck! Well if you can do it, maybe I'll try a little harder to convince myself that I can do it as well. Jaimee
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