I am so excited!!

on 1/16/06 1:30 pm - Thorntown, IN
Hi everyone, Tonight we got a call from our best friends, & they invited us to go to Edisto Island in the latter part of May for a week!!!! We are also going on a day trip to Savannah, & Charlston! We will be in a condo right on the beach!!! I am sooooo excited my head is - the last time we went together anywhere was 3 yrs. ago to Sedona Az. & I was so uncomfortable that I wouldn't go swimming,couldn't take a walk farther than a block,etc. NOT NOW!!!! I plan to go shelling at the beach, & soak up alittle sunshine along the way! This time I'll be out of my 24-26's & 7 mo. out from surgery. Who knows what size I'll wear. (I am in 18-20's now.) Now I just hope time flys!!!! (((hugs))) Ellen PS. Good early morning everyone- off to I go.
on 1/16/06 6:03 pm - Indianapolis, IN
You will have a blast....your gonna love it..
Linda Kay
on 1/16/06 7:04 pm - Mooresville, IN
I am soo Happy for you if anyone deserve a good time it is you!! You sweetie you!! Linda
on 1/16/06 7:44 pm - Camby, IN
THAT sounds like fun...well me and hubby is planning a trip to Vegas in April and and a Hawaii cruise for our anniversary! How fun...have fun!!!! -Courtney
on 1/17/06 4:33 am - Indianapolis, IN
Hey Ellen....I have a few pair of size 14 Capri pants in my bag for the exchange...you might want to grab them up....some have never been worn...then if they turn out to be too big come the end of April...you can bring them to the clothing exchange in April. I don't think anyone wants thm for winter ...so they should be fine in your care until the next exchange
on 1/17/06 1:15 pm - Thorntown, IN
Thanks everyone!! Deb, I sure could use some capri pants- & HOPE to be in a 14 by then. I didn't get to wiegh in today. It has been 3 months now. The time is passing so quickly. I want to get myself motivated for summer, so the capris will help!!!! We plan to go to the beach "shelling", & I don't do shorts. Not with my thighs. We plan on going touring the mansions in Savannah, & then the "Painted Ladies" housing district in Charlston.Anyone ever gone to those areas? We are going to look up both of them on the computer for ideas of places to visit, & sights to see. Ellen
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