Indy Bariatric Hospitals

Melanie C.
on 1/17/06 9:46 am - Mooresville, IN
Opinions please--I am seriously considering WLS. My PCP feels that I am a strong candidate, and we are moving forward. Which hospital in Indy did you choose and why?
Linda Kay
on 1/17/06 6:57 pm - Mooresville, IN
St V Carmel... reputation and because my sister and a friend were sucess stories I saw in action...Linda
on 1/17/06 9:03 pm - Indianapolis, IN
lol....each is gonna say where they went...i strongly say dr clark...but i would do it through st francis, if you care how you are treated in the hospital, and having nurses that know something about what kind of surgery you just had..guess to be fair to community was set up so after surgery they go to pcu and ed went straight to a room so i suppose they thought he had already had a day there before he got to this thing to certainly think about is how far are you willing to go for support, and dr apps...what i based for my surgery...
on 1/17/06 9:35 pm - Indianapolis, IN
I'm one that loves St. V's too. The bariatric wing is just fantastic. I chose my surgeon first. I had heard wonderful things about Dr. Rosie Jones and the surgeons in her office. Because of her backlog (she's in high demand!!), I chose one of her partners, Dr. Gupta. I don't regret that decision at all. I had several complications and she knew just how to handle each as they came up. Sherri
on 1/17/06 9:37 pm - Indianapolis, IN
I went to St. Francis Beech Grove and was very pleased with the care I received there. Julie R.
on 1/18/06 2:16 am - KOKOMO, IN
I had mine done at St V in Carmel by Dr Cacucci. I could not have asked for better care. The post op support is great also. They really seem to know their business and are all highly qualified. Dan
on 1/18/06 2:20 am - North Vernon, IN
Johnson Memorial in Franklin, close to home for me and mom, super nice dr. and staff. PCP recommended Dr. Lindsay; the small hospital setting, you don't feel lost in the bustle of a big hospital. Brenda 321/217
on 1/18/06 2:24 am - Peru, IN
Carnel St. Vincent is excellent !! Can't say enough good about them. Staff, facility, every part of the experience was wonderful !! Connie
Melanie C.
on 1/18/06 3:24 am - Mooresville, IN
Thanks so much for all of your replies. I scheduled my consultation at St. V for 2/2. I am sooo excited. I have been pondering this for FIVE years. I am so ready to make the change. I know it's going to be hard, but life as I know it now is too.
on 1/18/06 3:51 am - Indianapolis, IN
Congrats on your decision to make a change in your life Come to the clothing exchange this Saturday and meet lots of the WLS family on here....there will be pre-ops and post-ops. You can pick our brains. ...don't pick's empty half the time Saturday Jan 11th Free Methodist Church of Mooresville 20 Star Ln Mooresville IN 46158 11AM to ????? Hope to see you there!!!! Also, feel free to bring a covered dish if you like...we are having a pitch-in. Lunch is at noon.
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