on 1/17/06 10:47 pm - Atlanta , GA
I don't think I will be able to make it to the exchange on Saturday. My great grandmother is in the hospital and it isn't looking good. Her organs are failing, lungs filling up with fluid, and worst of all, they found SEVERAL compound fractures all over her body. She is almost 106 years old. She is in such pain and so honestly, I hope this suffering ends soon for her sake. It is very selfish of me to want her to stay alive in the condition she is in. SO if you all would say a prayer that God will take her and end her suffering, that would be so appreciated. I have a feeling it will happen either today or tomorrow, but one can never tell. This will be the first clothing exchange I will miss. Deb I have some things for you!! I have to get them to you somehow. So sorry I will miss all of you.
on 1/17/06 10:56 pm - indianapolis, IN
my prayers are with your family.....I went thru the same thing with my best friend a few months ago...her grandma was 96 and was in terrible health the past 2 previous months but had generally been very healthy her whole life....and we just prayed the Lord would take her b/c she was suffering.....she held on for about a week and then finally the Lord took her home and she just looked absolutely peaceful.....
on 1/17/06 11:06 pm - Atlanta , GA
She has been in the hospital now almost one week. She wants to go and has begged us this past month to pray for her to die. When she asked me to do that I told her no. Now I realize I was doing that for selfish reasons and I really need to do as she asks me. I just want it to happen soon so she doesn't suffer any more.
Linda Kay
on 1/17/06 11:28 pm - Mooresville, IN
I ask that the Lord work HIS will in her life and if there is a reason for her to continue this way to please soften the heart of the one HE is speaking thru this. Please Lord in YOUR name cause the suffering to end. still the pain, no matter how you choose to heal.. Lord Heal her now. Should the healing take place in death of the body then Lord I ask you to remain with the family and give the comfort thru this greiving time. Linda
on 1/18/06 2:07 am - KOKOMO, IN
My prayers are also with you and your Grandma. She has lived a very long life and now it is time to go home. We went thru this with Ann's mom about 15 months ago. We moved back here to Indiana from Texas when she got where she could not do for herself. We were here with her for 3 years prior to her death. We were able to care for here at home and she died here during the night. About 2 months before her death she really had no quality of life. Then she quit eating or drinking and we knew the end was near. She never wanted a feeding tube etc., so we let her go home. In the end I use to sit with her and play gospel music and even sang to her (Ann says it was my singing that caused to bail out of this world) and told her that God was waiting for her. It funny because she would give a little smile and move her lips to the music. We she passed on, we were both rejoicing that she was in a better place and without pain or suffering. She was 91 and ready to go. People could not understand why Ann and I were happy with her passing. Oh, yes we miss her but she is where she should be. I believe that healing can be in the form of death, especially when the body wears out. Dan
on 1/18/06 3:29 am - Indianapolis, IN
Oh leah my thoughts are with you now sweety. I will get some things for ya at the exchange if I see anything ya might be able to use And you know we are having the next one in April...not too far away. I am trying to see if everyone wants to get together for some Cosmic Bowling for February....Will make a post soon about that. So maybe you will be able to make that get together (3-4 weeks from now). Right now you just spend time with your grandma and cherish the time God lets her stay here with you before He calls her home to Glory. A week before my mom passed, i spent a whole day at the hospital doing girly things with her....I went to the Ortho floor at St Francis and got a blow-up sink that fits under a patients neck for hairwashing in bed and I washed her hair & styled it (as best as i could with her on her back. And I painted her fingernails. And I did her make-up and put her in some fresh new jammies and we talked about all our favorite memories. She went into respiratory arrest the next morning and never came out of her coma before she passed away a week later. But the last day we had together is still alive in my mind and it is how I remember her. i am glad she is no longer suffering....but I selfishly miss her. So take your time with her...we are all with you in spirit and we love ya
on 1/18/06 5:02 am - Bedford, IN
Leah, I'm so sorry to read about your Grandmother. I was hoping to finally meet you, after reading your posts for over a year at wlsindy! This will be my first clothing exchange, and I'm so excited about it being in Mooresville! I'll have to look up some directions, though.....not a problem at all!! I have LOTS of things to bring that are sizes 16, 18, and 20....and am hoping to find some 14's!!! I hope y'all don't mind me wandering over here! I'm still trying to figure out how to put in my information. My surgery was 2/14/05 and I'm down 122 lbs so far!!
Linda Kay
on 1/18/06 7:23 pm - Mooresville, IN
You wrote: "I hope y'all don't mind me wandering over here! I'm still trying to figure out how to put in my information. My surgery was 2/14/05 and I'm down 122 lbs so far!! " WLSindy and ObesityHelp are not opposing forces.. we are not competeing here, We are on the same team. People from WLSINDY and OH are welcome to the clothing exchange..infact if they cant get on a computer and hear about us ANY WLS person is invited to come. Pre op or post op... All we ask is that you bring good stainfree clothing that you would be proud to wear yourself. Congrats on your weight loss!!! Linda
on 1/18/06 5:06 am - IN
Dear Leah, I'm sorry that your Grandma is suffering!!! I will definitely keep your Grandma and your family in my thoughts and prayers...let the Lord do His will, He will take care of all of you!!! Sincerely, Shari
on 1/18/06 7:17 am - Indianapolis, IN
well, i'll tell ya just bring her with...bless her heart..had she been living alone? how amazing to live to that age....i know it is gonna hurt to lose her, but she will be pain free...
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