prayer for sickness

on 1/18/06 8:35 am - indianapolis, IN
LORD willing I plan too come on saturday, im so excited too meet everyone and be a part of this group My husband came home sick with the flu today after being out yesturday with it also, thought he was better, but NOT....and now our youngest daughter has it im really praying I can be well and my children be well so i can make it....
on 1/18/06 9:39 am - KOKOMO, IN
Heather, You are in my prayers for healing from that nasty flu bug. Sure hope we get a chance to meet you Saturday. Dan
on 1/18/06 10:12 am - Indianapolis, IN
Awwwww....hope you are not going to sick before we all get to meet ya Hope to see you Saturday....and don't let anyone in your house breathe on ya
on 1/18/06 1:24 pm - IN
Hi Heather, I hope and pray that that bug goes away...we've had it at our house too. I have a 17 month old, and he has had it the last 3 days!!! Hopefully your daughter and hubby will get well soon!!! I'll keep them in my thoughts and prayers!!! "HUGZZZZZZZZ" ~~~Shari
Linda Kay
on 1/18/06 7:07 pm - Mooresville, IN
wives and mothers dont get sic****il the kids have flown the coop and the hubby retires then we finally get the time to get sick... right when we want to go out and LIVE!!! Ask me I'll tell ya Linda
on 1/18/06 10:32 pm - Indianapolis, IN
oh i rememeber those days well...hope it is all over with for ya and you make it...
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