Thank you all...

on 1/19/06 2:26 am - Atlanta , GA
I just wanted to thank all of you who said prayers for my great grandmother. She passed this morning at 11:45. It has been very difficult these past few weeks seeing her deteriorate as she has, but her suffering is now over, and she has finally gone home. She had been begging for God to take her for a while now and was saddened that "he didn't want her" as she said. Today has been a hard day for me. I took my youngest, Josh, to the doctor to find out he has pneumonia, and then as I am pulling into my driveway, I found out about my great grandmother. So if you all would just continue a few prayers for us. I think we need them right now more than ever. I have been trying to hold it together for my kids and family, but I am just not sure how much longer I can do that.
on 1/19/06 3:22 am - indianapolis, IN
AWWWW *HUGS* its always hard being the one too try too hold it together, as mothers and wifes we tend too try too do so.....My prayers will continue too be with you and your family through this rough patch of life
on 1/19/06 3:29 am - Indianapolis, IN
Leah, Sounds like you need a time-out from home life. Hope to see you Saturday so you can get that break. Huggs! Sherri
on 1/19/06 4:49 am - Atlanta , GA
Unfortunately, I think we will be at the funeral on Saturday. So I won't be at the exchange. Maybe I will see you all in a few weeks once things quiet down here at home again.
on 1/19/06 3:41 am - Indianapolis, IN
(((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) She has gone on to a better place now and no longer has to suffer. Take care of yourself and if you don't make it Saturday...we are going to go out for dinner sometime before Linda's knee operation (within the next 2-3 weeks). Will let everyone know when as soon as we get Linda ot pick a date, place and time
on 1/20/06 9:14 pm - Atlanta , GA
Hey there Deb, I have some clothes coming for the exchange. There is a bag there that is just for you that I told you about, and another for the tables. Make sure to find Christina Desantis. She is bringing it. It is stuff that I need back when you are shrunk out of it. Check out the other website to see what she looks like so you don't miss her.
on 1/20/06 9:54 pm - Indianapolis, IN
Thank you dear sister...I will make sure to find her. She knows to find me too eh? Ya know how loud I am...I'm hard to miss at any event Looks like we are getting together Feb 4th...see you then I hope
on 1/19/06 4:56 am - Indianapolis, IN
Leah, I'm sorry about the loss of your grandmother. You know is is with God now and without pain. Bless your family, My prayers are with you. Julie
on 1/19/06 9:07 am - Indianapolis, IN
u got them gal....maybe that first week in feb you can hook up with us
on 1/19/06 9:21 am - Thorntown, IN
Leah, My prayers & heart are with you. Just know she is at peace & no longer in pain. I will also keep Josh in my prayers. Be careful & try not to "do all-be all" to everyone. I know you have a loving, giving spirit; just remember to save some time for yourself. You are important to us & we you. (((((hugs))))) Ellen
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