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on 5/15/19 3:46 pm
RNY on 05/21/19
Topic: RE: searching for people to talk to in the Hobart/ Portage ares

Still looking for local people for support? I'm in Chesterton and scheduled to have RNY 5/21/19. I'm always looking to talk to people that have been through it or are about to have surgery.

on 2/14/19 8:24 am
Topic: Hello, new here

Hi! My name is Amanda. I am currently in the bariatric program and hoping to be ready around the end of June/July. So far my plan is to have the VSG. My doctor requires an upper scope to make sure I'm a candidate and don't require a RNY. He looks for Barrett's esophagus prior to a VSG. Part of the program is to join a bariatric support group. They prefer to attend the in person one at the hospital. Unfortunately, it is offered once a week and doesn't work with my work/life schedule. But they said an online one is acceptable. So here I am. I quit Facebook over 4 years ago, and have no other social media accounts, so I'm a little rusty at this type stuff. So just saying "hi" and getting my feet wet. I thought I'd start out here in the Indiana forum first.

Thanks for reading!

on 10/29/18 3:23 am - Columbus, IN
on 9/19/18 6:02 am
Topic: RE: Community Hospital North

I had my surgery there and my daughter and cousion did too .We loved it there

on 5/23/18 9:07 pm
VSG on 06/13/18

Hi, there! It all depends on your insurance. With my insurance, I only had to wait 3 months.

on 5/23/18 9:03 pm
VSG on 06/13/18
Topic: RE: searching for people to talk to in the Hobart/ Portage ares

Hi, there! I'm Michelle; I'm in San Pierre. I grew up in the Valpo area. My surgeon is in Hobart. ?

on 3/2/18 2:27 pm

HELLO. I'm new to the group and have a few questions that hopefully someome can answer? i have a few spine problems and they are trying to hold off on surgery.after PT and lumbar injections have been done with no long term affect my neurosurgeon referred me to the weight loss clinic.i have read a few success stories (CONGRATULATIONS BY THE WAY).my question is that if the 6 months is mandatory?or would my spine issues be taken into consideration and maybe have it sooner ?

Terry B.
on 4/21/17 1:22 pm - Martinsville, IN
Topic: RE: Martinsville and surrounding areas!

I live and work in Martinsville, had my surgery 1/2010. would love to find a group to meet with closer to here. I used to go to Bloomington but hate the drive, esp now!!


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on 2/9/17 10:26 am
Topic: RE: Healthy Indiana Plan

Did u get the surgery 

on 1/2/17 1:56 pm
Topic: RE: Checking to see who is in Indy



I haven't been on here in YEARS & I've missed it. 

My "New Birthday" was 5-5-08 & Dr. Margaret Inman was my Surgeon too ( : 

Just wanting to connect with other WLS peeps so I can get reconnected with those that UNDERSTAND & CELEBRATE this huge step! 


Hope you are still doing GREAT!  I'm AMAZED on how quickly you returned to work!  Did you have the RNY, Gastric Sleeve or ? 


Take Care 

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