on 4/15/10 11:59 am
So, I don't know how popular this kind of thing is but my new gym has one and I tried it out for the first time today. I haven't been a member of a real gym in a while cause I always had access in college for free and all that. So I was surprised to see this new, futuristic gym thing.

Ok, so it's basically a movie theater. It's nearly pitch black, and there are rows of cardio machines (I chose elliptical) and at the front of the room there is a huge screen and a movie is being projected onto it. The gym plays a different movie, on a loop, each day of the month.

Today, "My Sister's Keeper" was on and I was planning on doing 20 minutes of cardio but I got hooked and stayed till it was over, 50 minutes later. I also was trying really hard not to cry during the last 30 minutes of it, so that was an added workout bonus

For anyone who finds cardio machines boring, even with the help of your ipod, I can't tell you how cool this was for passing the time and staying occupied.

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on 4/15/10 12:03 pm - Greencastle, PA
That sounds like fun!!

BTW...I really enjoyed "My Sister's Keeper" was a tear jerker but a good movie!


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on 4/15/10 1:40 pm
That's awesome!  I wonder if the gyms near me do that.  Last time I was part of a gym I did curves circuit... and nowadays I'm just using my Wii.  It's fun, but that sounds like a great way to make the time go fast! :) 
The New Mrs
on 4/15/10 11:28 pm - Mooresville, NC
VSG on 02/09/12
I'm thinking about switching from the YMCA to Gold's gym and they have a cardio cinema.  Seems like a ton of fun.
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on 4/15/10 11:31 pm
Yeah, Gold's is where I'm at that has it. BIG advice though on Gold's, when you go to join, don't take their first (or 2nd or 3rd) price offer. Keep saying no and they will keep lowering the price. If you can only afford X per month and no initiation fee, tell them that and don't budge. Eventually they'll give it to you. Best of luck!

Highest Wt: 274 / LAP-Band Low: 180 / Sleeved at 233 / Goal: 160!

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