on 11/14/11 9:06 am
So, I snagged a great deal on a Treadclimber on craigslist a couple weeks ago. $300 for a barely used machine. I drove an hour and a half from my house to get it and it's totally worth every penny spent. I've been using it only every other day and now I'm on to Monday - Friday twice a day. I get up at 5:30am to get a half hour in and then take a shower befor I have to wake my kids up for school. Then, I use it again around 7pm while watching Wheel of Fortune. lol! Yes, I watch WOF. My 23 month old son LOVES it. He is just sits on the couch and doesn't take his eyes off. lol! So, I get another half hour in then before he goes to bed. I am trying to get in a size 20 pants by Thanksgiving. Right now I'm between sizes. Seriously, if they made a 21 it'd be perfect for me. 20's are just a tad too small and 22's are a tad too big. I'm walking on the backs of my pant legs, which drives me insane! But I can live with it for now. lol! Fingers crossed I can actually do it! But it's not the end of the world if I don't. Considering I walked into the hospital wearing a size 28 pants, I am not complaining at all! Just really looking forward to getting into a 20 cause in 2008 when I did WW's the lowest I got was a size 22. I don't ever remember being a 20. So it's a really big milestone for me! Wish me luck!!



6cc's in a 10cc band
on 11/14/11 8:09 pm
That is great, Karen.  You will do it!!!
~ Barbara 
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