Finally broke through!!

on 12/19/11 7:30 am
I have finally broken through my plateau!! I have been the same exact weight for about 3 months now and this morning I stepped on the scale to see it had gone down by 3.7 pounds! I think my last fill took a couple weeks to kick in, but I'm finally starting to feel some restriction unlike my 3 previous fills. I now have 4.5cc's in my band. I'm excited that I'm finally getting some restriction and losing again!



6cc's in a 10cc band
on 12/19/11 7:56 am - York Haven, PA
VSG on 12/02/14
 AWESOME!!!!         HUGS, "LUCKY"

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on 12/19/11 11:57 pm - MN
Awesome indeed. Now just keep on keeping on.


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on 12/20/11 3:31 am
Tiff tells all
on 12/21/11 10:48 am - Ewa Beach, HI
RNY on 05/21/19
Way to teach that body a lesson! Congrats

Have a great holiday.


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