More about Lisa O. (x-post)

Jean M.
on 11/16/13 12:13 am
Revision on 08/16/12

I'm going to take over posting Lisa updates for a while because Hislady is unable to access the new and "improved" OH right now.

Lisa's still hanging in there. When 2 friends went to visit her on Thursday, she responded to their voices, reached her hands out towards them, and when one of them held her hand, Lisa gave it a squeeze. She also cried, which is heart-rending to me, but it's also a good sign: our Lisa is still with us, trapped inside that tortured body. I truly believe that God is giving her back to us.

I haven't heard anything since then, but a few days without setbacks sounds wonderful to me at this point.



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Kate -True Brit
on 11/16/13 4:29 am - UK

Jean, thank you for posting.  I feel this so much so it must be awful for you, a real life friend!  My thoughts are with Lisa, her family and friends.


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Karen R.
on 11/16/13 5:12 am - Peoria, AZ

Thank God she sounds like she may be doing a little better. I will keep praying and have her in my thoughts.

Thanks Jean for keeping us posted.


on 11/16/13 10:27 am - Davison, MI

Thank You so much for the update on Lisa Jean.

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