on 8/12/15 2:37 pm - CA

Hello All you Bandsters.  I had 4 cc's taken out of my band that I previously had 7 cc's in.  That was 2 months ago and now I want to have fluid put back in.  Should I get 3 cc's more making a total of 6 cc's, or should I be a bit conservative and get only 2 cc's?  I wasn't having any real problems before having the fluid taken out last June, but was traveling and didn't want to have any restriction.


on 8/13/15 4:10 am - MA
RNY on 07/20/15

My advice is to go sloooooooow with refills. 

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Jackie G.
on 8/14/15 8:10 am

If you weren't having any problems and your doc doesn't have a problem I would get the whole 3 cc's back, especially if you are missing your restriction....just my two cents, good luck!

on 8/14/15 8:24 pm - Vancouver, WA

I agree with going slowly especially at first. When you refill after an unfill of any amount when you refill it sits differently and sometimes feels tighter or looser than the original fill did. I have no idea why this is but it seems to happen every time from all those I have read on here. Also don't get a fill at the end of the week, get it Mon or Tues do that if you do need a bit of an unfill you will still have time to get into the doc for a fix. There is nothing more miserable than having to do liquids all weekend because you are too tight! Or even worse having to go to the ER and hope someone there knows how to unfill it. If the first fill goes well you can maybe try a bit bigger the next time but you just don't want to chance being too tight because then you are looking at problems down he line. Wish you the best!

(deactivated member)
on 8/31/15 6:57 am - NY

It's really the surgeons decision.  As a long time bandster, I was NEVER asked how much of a fill I wanted.  I was interviewed by the doctor.  Weighed and reviewed my food journal and he always made the decision. 

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