* update * Going to be getting the band in 2 months... would love any helpful tips

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========> UPDATE 7/19

i have switched to the gastric sleeve. My main reason for switching is that I travel a lot, and was concerned to be traveling in a plane and having food get stuck.

Thank you to everyone for their comments to me.

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hi all,

I am in the process of of getting the Lap Band - should be able to get it in September.

i have gone through all the pros and cons of the surgery from countless people and the net. All the naysayers are people who were always thin and never struggles with weight loss.

I am looking for any tips or advice you can give about the process. I would like to start purchasing the liquids/protein/ soups/ soft food... that I will need pre & post surgery. Does anyone have a list of things to get to stock a pantry in preparation of the surgery.... and any kitchen products that might be needed.

Any advice on the liquid phase- both pre and post surgery. I've found some websites that have protein powder recipes.... would anyone be willing to share their favorite recipes?

How about the mushy/ soft food phase any tips/ recipes?

Lapband questions-

I sleep on my side, does it hurt.... or is it bad to sleep on the port?

What does it feel like when food gets stuck from a tight band or bread or something that has expanded. I suppose it would not feel like choking, as you can still breathe.... but what's it feel like? How do you best resolve it?

Alcohol & carbonation:

i was under the assumption that liquids would pass through the band opening easily & into the big stomach- why do they say it may stretch the pouch?

If I ate rice/pasta... and it swelled/got slimy so it did not go down in the pouch- how do you fix it? Do you drink water to loosen it up?

THANK YOU all for any responses

I am not sure if I can post my email in a posting.... but my username at Gmail dot com is my e-mail

don't do it. More people have had problems with it than not. Some of these problems are irreversible. I suggest visiting the failed lapband forum on this site.




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i appreciate your response. I have visited the failed procedures on this board and others.

i have also read lots of people who have had great success with the surgery.

i am comfortable with my decision, but do appreciate your concerns.

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On July 15, 2017 at 2:56 AM Pacific Time, Tat19808 wrote:


i appreciate your response. I have visited the failed procedures on this board and others.

i have also read lots of people who have had great success with the surgery.

i am comfortable with my decision, but do appreciate your concerns.

oh girl,all I can say is I tried and I wish you well.




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Hi, I'm getting the Lapband on 5/31/18 how are you doing with it?

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On May 16, 2018 at 12:10 PM Pacific Time, cuttinojo wrote:

Hi, I'm getting the Lapband on 5/31/18 how are you doing with it?

I don't have a lap and and would suggest no one get one.

if you choose to get one anyway, I wish you well.




Amy R.
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Please, PLEASE reconsider the Lap Band. You are virtually guaranteed two more surgeries in your future. One to remover that nasty piece of evil and one to convert you to another surgery (a surgery that works).

Many surgeons don't even place bands anymore.

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i appreciate your your response to my post.

Personally, I already know that I will need another surgery in the future. When I need to start taking Aspirin or any such medication due to age, I will have it removed. By the time I have that done, I should have learned to be satisfied with my smaller meals and keep the weight off.

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It is a huge misconception that the band is just a temporary, removable procedure. The band is stitched into your stomach, creating scar tissue. At the point that you need to have it removed, it has created permanent damage to the organ. It IS a removable procedure, but it NOT really a reversible procedure--you can't just put it in and out without physical consequences.

You seem pretty stubborn about going ahead with it, despite a lot of real life people here who are giving you first hand accounts of their agony. Mine was terrible. I threw up 8+ times a day and developed terrible acid reflux. I followed every rule, but soon it was impossible to eat the foods that are good for weight loss. I was sick. Really really sick. I didn't even really understand how sick I was until I finally got that thing out and revised to RNY. I can eat healthy food now and I am able to exercise (hard) because I have the nutrition in my body to be able to.

I sincerely hope you are okay if you go through with this. I am not warning you against it because I hate you! I am warning you against it because I wouldn't wish the band on my worst enemy! I wish you well--really...

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I have had mine for almost 11 years. The only protein powder I like is Jay Robbs egg white protein. But these days when I do my veggie smooties for breakfast I just use non fat greek yogurt it blends well and is loaded with protein. I use frozen spinach, orange wedge, cucumbers, celery, and water. Use more water if you need it thinner.

With Jay robbs I use a lot of frozen pumpkin with pumpkin pie spice and vanilla extract, yummmmmm

Sorry I dont remember how I slept. But as I lost weight my port did flip and ended up settling right at my belt line so when I had my tummy tuck they moved it so it would not bother me as much. I would also get like a cramp where the tube was because of the scar tissue but that was nearly a year down the road.

Alcohol is dangerous especially in the beginning, not only will it hurt your poor little tummy but you can easily swap addictions since you cannot eat to comfort yourself but you can still drink. Not to mention tons of empty calories, for me after a few drinks I loose all my will power not to snack. Carbonation will hurt it is way too much bubbles for your tiny belly, you can experiment with it way later, I can now enjoy a glass or two of champagne if I really want to (usually only once a year at my anniversary!).

For stuff that is just stuck and doesnt want to go down, I will sip warm water and stretch my arms way up high, also relax! My tummy will tighten if I am cold or stressed. If it comes up and you have too many of those issues happening you could really hurt yourself and your band. Remember you band is sewn to your stomach and typically a little flap of stomach is wrapped over it (check with your surgeon). But if you cause your stomach to vomit it is stressing that stitch and it could slip or ****eyed causing all sorts of issues!

And finally, probably most importantly the people on the board who have had nightmare issues are all right! I am not sure why some of us are okay and some are not, but honestly I think it is an issue of operator error (you! over eating!) and for the bulk of people their bodies just do not like that band in their bodies and their bodies start to fight against it. Some of these poor bandsters have had life long problems, I am not a doctor but if you feel at all bad or unexplained things are happening (even if not in the vacinity of the band, one lady had arm pain) run to the doctor! And dont stop going until they help you!

For me it is all about the reality of what I am consuming. Do not kid yourself, or sugar coat or give excuses on why you feel you can eat this or that. JUST DONT! Dont eat sugar, starch, garbage. It its all too easy to eat a bag of Doritos so dont even start!!

Good luck to you

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