Seeking success rates after surgery to correct a slipped band

on 2/3/18 4:40 pm - Yorkshire, UK

Hi all

Just hoping to contact anyone out there who has had a band surgically adjusted after it slipped. Did it work? Has it slipped again since? Does it take long to heal?

I had a band fitted in 2010 and loved it, and had great success. But over the last 2 years I've drastically lost weight as I can't keep any food down, sometimes even liquids regurgitate.I'm waiting for corrective surgery but wondering if I should just have it removed?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

on 2/28/18 9:19 pm - Germantown, WI

I had my original band placed in 2005. I gained about 50 pounds back and doctor found a slipped band. I had it removed and replaced with a new band in 2012 and lost the weight again. I went from 325 to 169.

Preop: 323......Goal: 199......Current: 161   


Shannon S.
on 3/26/18 3:46 am
VSG on 11/07/17

I suggest having it removed. It is surgery with a high fail rate and chances are you'll be back in for another surgery. I experienced a dialated pouch with slippage over a decade ago. The surgeon asked me if I wanted him to fix it, and without second guessing I asked him to get that thing out of me! It can do all sorts of internal damage as well, just think of your esophagus and stomach being squeezed off by a belt (can't be good). I wish I had known now what I new then.

on 4/16/18 12:27 pm
Revision on 10/04/16

every person I know who had a silp has ended up revising to another procedure. one of them learned the hard way. she had 6...yes 6 slip surgeries before she figured it out and got the band out. keep in mind, the longer it is in, the more opportunity it has to do permanent damage.

I revised to RNY...

Band-RNY revision age 50 5'4" HW 260 SW: 244 (bf healthy range 23-35%) bf 23.7% (at 137lbs) cw range 135-138.lbl with butt lift and mastoplexy March 23, 2018...2.5lbs removed.

Pre-op-16lbs (size 18/20...244) M1-16lbs (size 18...228) M2-15.6lbs (size 16/18...212.4) M3-10lbs (size 16..202.4) M4-11.4lbs (size 14...191) M5-10.8lbs (size 12...180.2) M6-8.4 (size 8/10...171.8) M7-6.4 (size 8...165.4 lbs) M8-11.6 (size 6...153.8) M9-5.6 (size 4/6...148.2) M10-5.8 (size 4....142.4) M11-4 (size 2/4...138.4) Surgiversary -1 (size 2/4...137.4) M13-2.6 (size 2/4...134.8) M14 (size 2/4...134.8) M15 (size 2...135) M16 (size 2...131.4) M17 (size 2...135) M18 (size 2...135) M19 (size 2...138) M20 (size 2...135) M21 (size 2...138)