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I have been having trouble losing weight, since I have fell down and cannot exercise. I am contemplating LAP Band Surgery. I would like to hear feedback from people who had this surgery. Why do some people revert the procedure? What is the success rate? How long have you had this surgery done? Are you happy? How big are the portions of food after surgery? Do you need to take special supplements for the rest of our life? Do you have diet restrictions? Other restrictions after surgery? Thanks so much in advance!

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Apparently there's a high risk of the lap band shifting and eroding into you stomach or esophagus, which is why so many people need to have revisions. I'm surprised that any doctor will still do lap band - there are very few people who don't have problems by the 10 year mark.

While the surgery is technically reversible, the damage that the erosion causes is NOT reversible.

It's also a restriction only procedure, the two primary surgeries people get (RNY and VSG) include a metabolic component as well. Making them more effective.

As the bariatric surgeon at the support group I attend mentions, the lap band also requires lifetime followups and that's a challenge. If you move, it's hard to find a surgeon who will maintain your band in your new location because a lot of surgeons don't want to mess around with surgeries they didn't perform. If your surgeon retires, it can also be a huge challenge to find someone to take over your band maintenance.

Everyone I've met IRL who had the lap band falls into one of two categories.

1 - They had complications and had to revise to RNY or VSG.

2 - They brag about how they still throw up after every meal. (I actually know someone who does this. She brags about how she had lap band and "lost her 100 pounds," and still throws up whenever she tries to eat solid food. She's about 5-6 years post-op.)

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I am having my lapband removed and revised to VSG on 11/30/2018. Do not waste abother moment of your life even thinking about the lapband. A dramatic number of doctors have stopped doing them. Some entire hospital systems have stopped doing them. Recent studies show a very high complication rate. I want to say 20 or 30% but it could be higher. And only 50% long term weight loss success. I am in a VSG Facebook group and soooo many people have had their bands revised to VSG. Just please don't. There might still be a few people on this board that are diehards and successful but they are the exception, not the rule. Look on the revision board. Visit the Facebook group "failed lapbands". The lapband is just an erosion waiting to happen.

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