Want Another Surgery

on 2/5/19 5:34 pm

I got Lapband surgery in 2008 and have been unsuccessful at losing weight. Today, I am 3 pounds heavier than when I got the surgery. Mainly my fault because I continued to eat junk...And lots of it. For the past five years I have had bad reflux. I don't recall ever in my life having reflux before getting the band. I've had fill taken out. Each time the reflux got better but never completely went away. I've read that the sleeve can cause reflux if you already had a problem with reflux. But what if the band is what was causing the reflux and not something else. Are you still likely to have reflux with the sleeve? I'd love to hear from folks that have had the sleeve for several years. How are you doing? I figured I'd start here....If I don't get many responses, I'll ask on the Sleeve Forum.

on 2/10/19 6:58 am

Hi Amy, I still have my lap band so I am not the audience you seek. I too am waiting for revision and the removal of the lap band due to severe reflux. My surgeon told me the sleeve was not something he recommends because it is also just a restrictive measure for weightloss and also will cause reflux in lots of people. He told me if I want the reflux to go away and loose weight RNY was the route to go for me.

Hope this info helps. Good luck..keep us posted on your progress