How many people are happy with the LapBand?

on 2/17/19 6:14 pm


I am planning a revision and the Lap Band is an option. Can I get some honest feedback on the pros and cons of the band?

Thank you

on 2/18/19 8:10 am

I see that you had RNY. Is it not working for you? I have a lapband, and I am a little heavier now than when I got it in 2008. I had severe reflux for years and had to get some fill removed 3 times. I can't get any fill put back in because I still have reflux and tightening the band would only make it worse. I was considering VSG but have been informed that it, too, causes reflux. I have been thinking about RNY, but I'm terrified because my mother-in-law had it done and she died in the hospital after having the surgery. A girl with whom I went to school had RNY, and she was near death several months ago. Last I heard she is out of the hospital, so I assume she is getting better. Do you mind sharing your experience with RNY? It would be greatly appreciated!

on 2/18/19 1:33 pm

Hi Amy,

I can honestly say I don't regret a day of having gastric.. I failed gastric not gastric failed me. I would do it all over again. I was never sickly and yes I have heard horror stories too. I think it is the "other" health issues that cause the serious issues....I will say that I lost alot of weight and looked and felt amazing...but my head got the best of me and I took to many "just one more bites". If I had it to do all over again and I will soon I will never let my head talk me into over eating.

I hope this helps.

on 2/22/19 2:06 pm


I am generally happy with my LapBand. I lost 90lbs with the band and then started gaining weight. Not because anything was wrong with the band, but because I learned how to cheat. Cookies, Ice cream, chips....all go down without a hitch. I started overeating and ended up having a dilated esophagus and upper stomach.

I then had my band deflated, waited and month for the dilation to resolve and then got a partial fill.

I can feel the restriction again!

It is a tool, not a magic bullet. I am very happy with my band.

To me the advantages of the band include

less invasive surgery. The stomach is not being cut, so there is no risk of having leakage of stomach contents into your abdominal cavity.

No malabsorption . I am not going to have vitamin B deficiency, or anemia.

So, a week after the fill I am back on track and lost 4 lbs.

I do recommend the LapBand, but you have to work the system. It is the safest alternative. When I got the LapBand 14 years ago I thought there would be a medical (pill) to treat obesity by now. I am still hopeful for that, but for now I am happy with the tool of the lapBand.

Best wishes


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