10 years post op

on 2/27/19 11:40 am - MD
My 10 year bandiversary has come and it has been a struggle. It has been over 4 years since I posted. Since then, I have gone up to 225, back to 197 and now up to 250. I can eat just about anything. I had an upper GI last week to see what is going on. If I get a fill, I can't eat anything.

I made the decision this year to have revision surgery to the sleeve. One of the main reasons is when I was trying to plan meals with the band, one day I could eat something, and the next day I couldn't. It made it very hard to stick to a program. I am sure I have stretched out my stomach over the past 10 years. My bariatric doctor recommends that I do it as well. So here I am doing all the pre-op stuff. I have 90% of it done, food program, done, b/w, done, pre op tests, done, upper GI done, psych eval, done. Nutritionist meeting done. Waiting on my appointment in March to see what happens next. I am in counseling and trying to work through my other issues.

I'm looking forward to reading some of the posts that have been going on since my absence.

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on 3/5/19 9:21 am

Congrats on your 10 years of success! From what I've seen, most banders don't make it 10 years, so again, congrats! I'm also 10 years out this year, and I wanted a sleeve revision 2 years ago, but:

1. the surgeon told me no, because I lost and kept off weight since my 1st surgery,

2. and he went on to say that the insurance company wouldn't approve it because of my improved condition.

So another congrats for getting through to a more advanced tool and the better results ahead!

Keep pressing,


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on 4/4/19 10:53 am

You might want to see another doctor.

im 10 years out and went to see my surgeon due to reflux issues ... I was very successful with my band (lost 125 in 18 months and maintained for 8 years . Gained 45 in the last 2 years)

I amrevising to a VSG next month with insurance paying for it, even though I was self pay for the band.


on 3/11/19 8:04 pm - OR

I feel like this is my story for the most part. I too am having eating issues. One day I can have food no problem, next day I am throwing up milk..miserable. I miss being able to actually eat food and not worrying about it. I hope you are able to go through the process and it all works out for you!!



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