Lap-Band in Costa Rica?

on 1/23/21 8:28 pm

I have heard that the surgeries cost significantly less in Costa Rica. Has anyone done any research on the subject and care to share your findings with someone who has just started to look into the idea?

on 1/24/21 5:30 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I don't know about lapband specifically, but in general, yes - surgeries are usually cheaper in Costa Rica (in fact, in other Caribbean countries and Mexico, too). Just be sure to research surgeons carefully it you decide to go abroad for surgery. There are good ones - and not so good ones - everywhere.

but I'd think long and hard about doing the lapband. Most surgeons won't place them anymore because so many people have had complications with them, and a lot of people who had them a few years ago have since revised to sleeve or bypass. Some people still love theirs and haven't had any issues, but it seems like an awful lot HAVE had problems with them. Lapband surgery, at least in the US, has largely been replaced by the sleeve as the non-RNY option.

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