Need a fill in FL

Linda P.
on 2/17/21 5:43 am

I had my band put in 12 yrs ago and am still happy with it, but since relocating to FL, I can't find anyone to do my fills. I've made due with getting a fill from the original doctor when I visit NJ but I'd like to find someone closer, if possible, and who won't charge me $550 as a new patient. *eye roll*

on 5/20/21 2:08 pm

let me know how you made out, I had my surgery in 2008 and lost 170 lbs from 360 lbs band was holding 9ccs and I was continuing to lose weight and with new eating habits and food intake amount had to have band emptied to gain some weight back, well its been 18 months since then and gained back 70 lbs and am miserable, and having a lot of trouble getting a fill, Drs. tell me time to have the band removed and go with the sleeve my primary care says to dangerous I am looking for a fill

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