Old Band- no weight loss.

on 4/12/21 12:53 pm - New Maryland, Canada

I originally had the band in Feb 2009. I have to have band replacement surgery in 2011 because it had slipped. I had lost 86 pounds but for almost a year prior to the replacement, I was not able to eat without vomiting when I got close to restriction. I think this screwed up my metabolism. I shot up 30 pounds while waiting for the repair surgery. The surgeon assured me that the evidence was that those who had been successful with the band, would continue to be successful after the repair. NOT. I was within 10 pounds of my starting weight and I am currently dieting and am down 12 pounds but I have plateaued. My surgeon says just think where you would be if you had not had the surgery. I am still morbidly obese. I have not gone through all this to still be morbidly obese. I watch my diet obsessively and usually have around 1200 calories per day. If I dare have a treat, my weight shoots up. Are there other failures out there? Am I alone? Have you had a different surgery with better results? I used to almost live on this board but I am so disillusioned with my bariatric journey, I think it has been 7 years since I last posted.


on 5/5/21 9:53 pm
VSG on 04/26/21

I considered myself a band failure also. I had band surgery in April 2009, it took me 3 years to lose 30 pounds. Along the way I had a lot of restriction problems and my surgeon thought it slipped a few different times but thankfully it had not. After I changed jobs to a more sedentary position....you guessed it the weight ALL came back. I exercised 4-5 days weekly, ate smaller portions and almost eliminated simple carbs, but never lost more than 15lbs additionally. I experienced severe heartburn, vomiting (sometimes with blood) and "sleep" vomits to name a few issues. On 4/26/21 I got the band removed along with subsequent scar tissue and had laparoscopic gastric sleeve. I'm still healing obviously but I don't regret it. BTW I've already lost 5lbs.

on 2/26/22 3:38 pm

In 2007, I had my lap band surgery. It took 3 years to see weight loss. First I was drinking and grazing, then I went to the other end of the spectrum and was hardly eating and it was my friend who said I was not eating enough, I added calories to my daily intake and the weight came off (273 highest weight, 253 presurgical weight, 120 lbs). It is really about portion control.

Please know I am sorry for your frustration. Also, one issue I had to contend with was drinking my calories. For instance, a can read 120 calories but I didn't pay attention to the servings. When I did the servings were like 3... So it means only a 3rd of the can is 120 calories. Another issue I had was grazing, on snacks like nuts and instead of 1100 calories for the day, I was like ingesting 2000.

However, my honeymoon with the band ended. By 2012 I had a hernia and slippage and a new band, by 2015 slippage and I went up to 273 by 2018 full-on hernia and slippage went up to 203. By Dec 2020 it was taken out. I am like 15 lbs within my weight prior to surgery (not the highest weight). My insurance won't even cover the banding procedure any longer for anyone. Apparently, other insurances are refusing to cover the procedure due to its failure rate. It's not you. You would not believe the people I talk to that have little to no weight loss on the band or have had it removed. Gastric sleeve people also say it takes a few years to see weight loss. RNY people seem to do well out of the gate, but malabsorption is an issue. Look at doing some type of revision. That is what I am doing. I am seriously interested in endoscopic gastric sleeve *they go down your throat, suture you (no cutting inside or out).

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