New life for old band?

on 5/3/22 9:32 pm - Jacksonville, FL

Hi everyone! I was banded April 10, 2008. I had a solid 5-6 years of success with my band. I lost 160 pounds & kept it off. At some point after losing almost all of the weight I wanted to lose, I started eating carbs again at first in controlled portions. Over time little by little I could eat more & more. Over the past 8 years I put back on 100-120 pounds. That is:9 hard to type. My understanding is that my band was tight & the volume of Food would stay above the band. All I know is my breaks were gone No more discomfort and no more sliming when I overate. I was having Night coughs & sometimes I'd wake up choking with acid or fluid in m lungs & chest.

in February we did a complete unfill. My appetite and ability & desire to eat large quantities is back to pre band levels.

im wondering if anyone else experienced this & waited 12 weeks to let things settle & got a re-fill. If so I'd love to hear your experience. Can my band work again like it did in the beginning?

I'm hoping that I get a do over. I wish I would have known then what I know now & started with vsg but I didn't. I just losty best friend of over 30 years to a blood clot becoming a pulmonary embolism at age 48, & now I'm afraid to get another surgery. Hers wasn't related to baristric surgery but it's very much in my head now. Also I know a revision to vsg can have more issues than that being the only surgery. Sometimes with deadly results. So that is how desperate I am to have my band work again & re-lose this weight regain. It's my best shot and I know me well enough to know I can do it but I absolutely need a tool to help me. If not the mountain is too high to climb all on my own.

thanks for your time.



White Dove
on 5/5/22 11:28 pm - Warren, OH

I am sorry you have gone through so much. Acid reflux is often terrible with VSG. I personally believe that the big weight loss with surgery is a once-in-a-lifetime event. We learn how to eat around the restriction and gain the weight back. I do believe that you can lose the weight again, but not with surgery. I have found that the only way I can lose and maintain my weight is with diet and exercise.

My regain started at 30 months after RNY and I joined Weigh****chers when I was seven pounds above goal. I count WW points and eat any food that I want. I don't restrict any food groups, but do eat a lot of veggies and lean proteins. I track food and exercise. I drink a lot of water and weigh myself daily. I am obsessed with the scale but for me that is a good thing. I have gained and loss many times after surgery. I am currently eight pounds over my goal and hoping to lose at least two pounds this month. Weigh****chers published a book last year called, The Shift. It is full of people's experience and common sense approaches to dealing with weight. I hope you can get a copy and read it. Good luck with everything.

I eat bread, pasta, sugar, cake, cookies, candy, and potatoes. But I weigh measure and track what I eat. I don't believe that 1000 calories from bread is anymore fattening than 1000 calories from chicken. But the chicken is much more filling.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 5/6/22 4:46 am - Jacksonville, FL

Thank you!! I have an appointment towards the end of June to get some more info. I plan to try to do better with diet & adding in activity is a must that I have to start doing.


***I was at 27 pounds lost on the day of surgery -- the loss shown on ticker includes my pre-op weight loss***
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