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on 12/10/18 7:49 am
DS on 11/11/14
Topic: RE: To Lap-band or Sleeve??

Many surgeons won't even do lap band any longer.

on 12/10/18 6:53 am - Culpeper, VA
Topic: RE: To Lap-band or Sleeve??

I had a lap band for 12 years. Went from 326 (size 28) to 150 (size 4) and did great! In Feb I started throwing up around the clock...every 30 minutes. I didn't eat or drink for 6 days because of it. I went to the ER and was immediately admitted and had emergency surgery to have my band taken out. It took 11 bags of IV fluids before I peed once!! I was REALLY sick. Now, 10 months out, I've gained back 65 lbs and have a sleeve scheduled next week.

I wouldn't choose the lap band. It just isn't permanent and that causes problems.

on 11/29/18 1:45 am
Topic: RE: Rash under tummy pouch

I get this sometimes, and also under my breasts when I'm sweaty, and I find that applying coconut oil helps a lot.

on 11/29/18 1:39 am
Topic: RE: Stomach fold skin irritation and odor ~ blech

I have had this problem as well, and found that applying coconut oil after showering and drying works really well.

on 11/22/18 11:41 pm, edited 11/22/18 3:43 pm
Topic: RE: Considering LAP-Band surgery

Thank you for your reply! I am considering VSG; it is a big decision. I wish you all the best! XX

on 11/22/18 6:22 pm
Topic: RE: Considering LAP-Band surgery

Hello .I just had to respond cause as I am reading this I am one week out from my lap band removal surgery. So I was glad to read that others have convinced you to not do it. I will be having a gastric bypass in March after all the damaged is healed and I should have done that in the first place.

on 11/22/18 2:29 pm
VSG on 11/20/18
Topic: RE: To Lap-band or Sleeve??

I have a similar story to others. I got my lap and in Nov 2003 and it was fine. I lost about 30% of my excess body weight in the first year and kept it off. In October 2016, my GERD was so severe I feared I had a prolapsed band.

Once I found a bariatric specialist that would see me we decided the band had to come out. I had it removed in May 2018 and just got a sleeve two days ago.

I don't regret the band but I'm in the minority that I went so long without complications.

Good luck

on 11/21/18 10:15 am
Topic: RE: Considering LAP-Band surgery

I am very happy for you and thanks again for your reply. It is very helpful to hear!


Gwen M.
on 11/21/18 6:48 am
VSG on 03/13/14
Topic: RE: Considering LAP-Band surgery

Remember that the lap band isn't reversible either. While it might be possible to remove the band itself, the damage it can do to the body is permanent. (And, sorry to be morbid, but early death due to the damage obesity does to the body also isn't reversible.)

As you lose weight, the amount of calories your body needs to sustain a healthy weight is lower than the calories it needed to maintain an unhealthy weight. Considering that WLS is just a tool and people gain weight even after having WLS, it's entirely possible to a) eat enough to sustain a healthy weight and b) eat enough to gain weight. Even with a small stomach.

I'm 4.5 years post-op from VSG and still slowly working toward my ultimate goal weight. I eat 4-6 ounces a meal, three times a day. If I eat off plan, my weight loss will stall or I'll gain weight. Losing too much weight is rarely an issue.

With any WLS, including the band, you need to take vitamins for the rest of your life. Immediately post-op, a lot of surgeons want you to use high-quality chewable vitamins but, after that period, you can use high-quality vitamin pills.

My experience has been amazing. I've lost ~170 pounds, I'd like to lose about 30 more, but I'm not too stressed about it. I'm super happy with my body and all the things it can do :)

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on 11/21/18 12:18 am, edited 11/21/18 2:12 am
Topic: RE: Considering LAP-Band surgery

Thank you very much for your reply!!! I am convinced now, no lapband for me! So, now I am exploring VSG

I am crossing fingers for your surgery to go really well, without complications! Take care XX

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