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on 8/14/11 7:58 am - Canada
I haven't been on the board for awhile, but I have always come to it when I feel down or need some advice or answers.

I had my RNY surgery in Jan 2008. I was 276 when I had it and got down to 149. I then became pregnant and had a wonderful baby boy in Dec 2009. I gained weight while I was pregnant and am now 194. I can't stand myself and feel like such a failure.I had post partum depression after my son was born also. I am on antidepressants for it still. I can't seem to lose this weight no matter what I do. I am going to see my doctor in Ontario in the next couple of months.

I feel like I need a revision done. It doesn't even like the "tool" is working anymore, since I had my baby. I loved the tool and it worked so well with me and I was so happy.. I got a taste of the skinnier life and loved it. I now miss it.

I am also really anemic, but I work on that everyday with the vitamins.

Do you think, I could get a revision or am I just being silly. My doctor doesn't do revisions and so I will have to go to a different doctor. I don't know what to do..

on 8/14/11 9:20 am - Pine Falls, Canada
Have you tried the 5 day pouch test. I had the VSG but have read about this on another forum.  You did it once girl and you certainly can do it again.  YOu don't need a revision.  YOur beautiful boy will be your motivation.  Keep us all posted on your progress and we will give you the will to continue, and a boot in the arse if ya need it! 
Good luck and God Bless!!!!

HW 300 CW 294 DAY OF SURG WEIGHT 267 Height  5'2.5
NUT Goal 180   My Goal  150

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