Heart Rate Monitor watches

on 7/2/13 5:03 am

Ok, so I am in the market for a heart rate monitor that tracks heart rate as well as calories burned during workouts. I know many of you use the Fitbit, but I kinda skipped it because it isn't compatible with my smart phone...and I will be honest, if I need to sit at the computer every day to log, I wont do it. I have looked at the Polar ones..but apparently some have issues with being bumped during a workout and then you lose your data..NOT COOL.

So if you use one, give me your likes and dislikes! I would greatly appreciate it. Also if you have upgraded to something better and wanna sell your old one, let me know!

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on 7/8/13 10:31 pm

have you looked into the UP by jawbone.it looks pretty good

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