It has been forever and a day since I posted in here

on 12/13/11 8:41 am - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
WOW....This is where it all began..I have been soo busy with life that I forgot where I came from...I had lap band surgery in 2008 with Dr Andrew Averbach...I was 276 pounds on the day of my surgery (Im 5'4) .....I moved to California in April 2010 and by the Summer of 2010 I was down to 121 pounds...Most would be ecstatic about that huge transformation...I looked like a crack addict.  My face looked skeletal, my hair was thinning (though I was proteining and vitamined up :) )  and despite working out- my skin was hanging like melting wax...My own family was even questioning if I was on drugs.  Most people would say "dont listen to them, they are just jealous of your success'.....uhhhhh naaah....Looking at pictures now, I looked sick.  I found a wonderful Cali Doctor and asked him to take my entire fill out and let me start over....(Dr Feiz in Beverly Hills).  I gained loads of weight back, but now am at a comfortable 155 pounds.  When I first started this journey, I had a weight in mind that I wanted to get down to.  Ladies/Gentleman..dont write that date in stone..what may look good on one person may look horrible on another.  I learned my lesson and found through my own personal experience-Im not meant to be 120 pounds...
Nicole T.
on 12/15/11 9:03 pm
sorry you are finding such a dead board. but not sure it will ever revive itself. so glad you gained some of the weight back. i think if i ever stop eating and exercise regularly, if i get to about 175 i'll still have some extra, which will be perfect for me. once i have plastics it will be great. i just have to stop eating though..... lolol
dori M.
on 12/17/11 9:53 am - MD
I was excited when I found this board until I found out that no one really posts here. I keep checking back every couple of weeks.
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