Happy Friday Everyone!

on 6/23/11 1:29 pm - Carmel, ME
I haven't been on much or posted anything recently, been more or less "lurking" around the forums and enjoying the smaller "new" me.  But I did want to hop on and say hi to everyone and that I hope you all are doing well, and that I hope you have a fantastic Friday!  Anyone have any fun weekend plans?  I think I'll be spending most of the time at the park with the kids

Take care,

Kelly S.
on 6/23/11 11:13 pm
I was hoping to go on a motorcycle ride but the weather doesn't sound great.

20 pounds lost during two week pre-op diet.

on 6/24/11 8:12 am
I went to Laconia Bike Week, last week!!!  And rode every day for over a week, without ever even starting my car (and, as you know, I ride 45 miles just to get to work, and 45 miles to get home!)

"Hello, my name is David, and I am a nutritional over-achiever..."

on 6/24/11 10:28 am
I am celebrating finishing my four week microbiology course and my birthday tomorrow! Then I am packing up and heading to Bangor on Sunday for Surgery on Monday at 8:15!
on 6/24/11 12:20 pm
Wa-Hoo!!!  I'm excited for you!!!  You're almost there!!!

I will keep you in my thoughts!!!  And Happy Birthday!!!

"Hello, my name is David, and I am a nutritional over-achiever..."

on 7/10/11 8:12 pm - ME
You Lurker! lol
See you at next meeting!
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