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on 7/20/11 1:13 am - ME

Happy summer! Stay cool!

on 7/22/11 9:58 pm - Thomaston, ME
It's so good to hear from you. It's all about plugging along, this far out.
Give a holler when you're back in Maine. I'd love to get together.

Emily     SW 320, Pre Surg 271.3, Lowest 189.8 Current 212.9 GW -155-188
Continuing the weight loss journey 10 pound goals at a time.  June 2011

on 8/2/11 8:31 pm - Clifton, ME
RNY on 11/21/07 with
Wow  Terri you look  wonderful and yes i can see the weight loss in your face.  Keep up the good work    i never got to my goal  as i am in the i hate  exercise club but i do love zumba and will start that again when school starts.    let us know when you  come home.  take care


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