Hi everyone

on 10/15/12 2:42 am - Carmel, ME
I haven't been posting much on here but I do check the boards often and hope everyone is doing well.  I hope to be at the support group at EMMC tomorrow and look forward to seeing many of you there.

Take care,

on 10/15/12 10:31 pm - Dexter, ME
Nate, I would like to try to make it to the support group as well.  I had my surgery in 2008 and have yet to make it to one of the meetings (i guess life gets busy).  Can you tell me what time it is being held?  Is it still 4:30-6:30pm?

Thanks in advance for the info,

 Julie W.

Start 2 wk liquid diet: 248# / SW: 234# / CW: 130# / GW: 140#

on 10/15/12 10:34 pm - Carmel, ME
Yup same time :)

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