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on 11/4/12 6:10 am - Caribou, ME

I'm hoping someone will be able to give me some information on getting rid of excess skin surgically. I would like to know some surgeons, procedures and costs, and scars. It doesn't matter to me if the surgeon is in Maine or not. I'm willing to travel to another state or country.

Thank you in advance.

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on 11/14/12 2:26 am - ME

Hi,  Did you have your surgery at EMMC?   If so, I know that Dr. Dayhem does full and partial tummy tucks right through the SWL program there.  I asked about upper arms, and she's hoping they'll do those as well, at some point, but I believe she is just doing tummies now.  It may be worth checking with Lynn Bolduc though.  Good luck!

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Caribou ME
on 11/16/12 5:48 pm - Caribou, ME

Thank you for your reply.  I did have my surgery at EMMC and I will be checking with Lynn.  The procedure isn't covered by my insurance so unfortunately cost is a factor. 

50 years old
Start weight and bmi -- 228 pounds  40.4 bmi
Current (November 21, 2012) -- 150 pounds  26.6 bmi

on 3/24/13 4:04 am - ME

Dr. Aatwood in Portland - Portland Plastic and Hand does tummy and arms... highly recommended - I believe other surgeons there do the procedures as well - all on outpatient basis at their on site surgery suite.


on 4/22/17 7:11 am

I do agree the cost is the factor, and my insurance company says i have to have reoccuring infections at least 6 times and treated for them or you skin has to fall 2 inches below your pubic bone. and i investigated the cost and with my insurance it will cost 30K + IF they do approve it. Maine care pays for it which i don't get but there is alot with our insurance system i don't under stand.

one of my friends had a Bypass and then the plastic surgery and she had maine care and she paid out of pocket 159.00 for both. I had just the bypass with commercial insurance and i paid 10K out of pocket.

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don't mean to be a debbie downer but worked so hard and just would like to finish......

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I hAd dr schassberger in Waterville very reasonable for self pay and very good. Hope u r doing well

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