re sleeve in MX? new today

on 11/1/14 9:32 am

hi everyone,

I am new today, hoping to find some help.   I am interested in a re sleeve.  trying to find the best surgeon in MX, that is a good surgeon to do this?   looking to meet others that have traveled down this same road.  Would love to meet others and get great information.  I was sleeved 3 years ago, but never really had restriction?  I think I was not sleeve correctly.  I have 75lbs to lose to get to normal bmi goal.   Anyone out there in the same boat as me?  I am 26 yr old finishing my degree in May and would love to have the weight off when I graduate and look for a job, people can be so mean to overweight/MO people and I dont want anyone to look at my weight but my resume.  I also would like to have a child in a couple of years.   My husband does not want me to do this, he is worried.  can others help me feel safe and that I am making the right choice? 

Can you tell me about your surgery, has resleeve helped, good bad ugly?  who was the surgeon, would love any information.

thanks everyone, look forward to meeting everyone and learning, I have never been outside of the US, so this is a great leap of faith!!!



on 11/2/14 9:01 am - South Bend, IN

Where did you get sleeved the first time?  Was it a bad experience?  Was it in Mexico or the US?  Any feedback would be great, as I'm looking into a sleeve done by Beliteweight in Mexico.

on 11/3/14 5:32 am

Yes, I had surgery in Mexico. Many people worry about surgery in other family thought I was nuts, but it was literally one of the best surgical experiences that I have had, and I have had a number of surgeries throughout my life.

I had surgery with Dr. Quinones in 2012, I absolutely loved him, his staff and my entire experience. You can see some videos of him, and patient testimonials on his youtube channel here


Some things have changed since I had my surgery 2 years ago, Dr. Q is always trying to find ways to improve patient care and experience. What I liked most about him is that he speaks perfect English, as well as his staff. He is really down to earth, very knowledgeable and personally dedicated to helping people with obesity issues. He is proctor certified, meaning that he actually teaches other doctors how to perform these surgeries, and when he is not doing bariatric procedures in his own practice he contributes his time to a program that helps people in his community get weight loss surgery at no cost. He also sites on the Mexican arbitration board, and have attended as well as been a guest speaker at a number of bariatric conferences around the world.


My surgery was a breeze with him, no complications, no nausea, no pain except for some residual gas pain in my upper left should, as it wasn't bad, I have had tooth extractions that hurt more.


When I went for surgery, I was concerned with some previous GI issues I have had my whole life, and questioned him to death on how surgery might effect those issues. He sat with me one on one and answered all of my questions in detail, and very honestly...he is wonderful at making people feel at ease before surgery.


Another think that I like about him, is that many of the people who work for him have actually been former weight loss patients themselves, so you have people helping you through this process that know first hand what you are going through, and know tons of information that greatly helps you post op. he also has supporting staff, specifically there to follow up with you post op, and help you with the transition to your new life.


I would highly recommend him to anyone he, his staff and my surgery were all excellent. If you have any specific questions feel free to PM me. I am an open book about my surgery. Best wishes!


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