Okay one more on the liquid diet

on 5/2/11 1:34 am - MI
I had this thing pretty much down I was doing great and then through Hurley on the second week you have to start these Impact drinks I can not even get through them without almost getting sick and I have been nauseous ever since :) Any tips from anyone who has had these ?

on 5/2/11 9:54 am - Pinckney, MI

Well, I went through Hurley over 4 years ago and I don't remember that, so it must be something new.  I wish I could help you out, but I just had to do the BetterMD stuff and that was it.... I hope you can manage to chug it all down... It will all be worth it in the end... Good Luck sweetie... YOU CAN DO IT!!!  Just think of the rewards at the end.....



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on 5/3/11 3:37 am - Shelbyville, MI
A little over 4 years ago...2 weeks of IMPACT!! Yucky I know...and this is what I did.....
Pour over a large glass of ice, use a straw, put straw as far back of tongue as you can go and drink and think happy thoughts.
I think it's that "oily taste" that can get to some of us. Good luck and know that there is a prize at the end of your liquid diet...Surgery and a new life with excellent health.
Just know you won't have to drink Impact after surgery (unless your doc orders it)
I like the EAS Protein shakes, they are the only ones I can tolerate and that's on lots of ice too.
I do remember the very last day I could only get 3 Impact's down without hurling...and I never cheated on my 2 week liquid diet either. Made it though Easter Sunday drinking Impact. LOL...Somethings you never forget. Hang in there, be strong and positive. YOU can do this!
on 5/3/11 11:13 am - MI

Thank you so much I will try this tomorrow it's awful stuff I hope this will help I appreciate it sooo much

on 5/4/11 2:31 am - Shelbyville, MI
So how are you doing with the Impact today?
I'm thinking about you, just remember it's only for a short time. You can do this!
I'm rooting you on, keeping looking forward! Hugs Debbie
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