How Long till the weight starts dropping

on 6/1/11 11:16 pm - MI

I am now 3 weeks out with pre surgery diet and the surgery so far I have lost 25 lbs but it seems to be going slow.  But I am not sure so I thought I would ask how fast it usually comes off I am following my diet to the letter.  Just curious on other peoples experiences. 

on 6/2/11 11:02 am - Royal Oak, MI
I hopped onto the boards tonight to find out the answer to the same question.  Tuesday will be three weeks post-op for me and I've lost 15 pounds.  My mom had the same surgery and she's insisting I'm doing something wrong, which is incredibly discouraging.  Her and I are completely different sizes.  She's 5'6.5 inches tall, I'm just under 5'11.  She's a small frame, I'm a large frame.  I also weight a good hundred pounds more than she did when she had the surgery.  I think it's an unfair comparison, still discouraging none the less.

I'd be intersted too in what others have to say.

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on 6/2/11 11:49 am - Sturgis, MI
 Hey ladies,

Try not to focus on the number and try not to get discouraged.  The 3 week date is notorious for slow downs. Your body is waking up after the re-routing of your plumbing and the residual effects of the anesthesia are wearing off. Remember to get as close as you can to the protein levels and fluid levels recommended by your surgeon's office. If you dont eat or drink enoug,  The weight loss will happen. Just follow the plan and in the end everything will work out.

Amy H

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on 6/2/11 11:52 pm - MI

Maybe that's the problem I am having trouble getting all the fluids the protein has been fine but I forget to drink sometimes.  I was just curious too and thanks so much for your comment I really appreciate it.  :)
Pat R.
on 6/3/11 12:26 am - Sturgis, MI
Good stuff from Amy -- getting that protein in and all 64 oz. of fluids (especially water) are the most important.  Also, are you starting your exercise program?? -- now's the time to get started -- slowly at first and then build up to 30 minutes per day.

Remember gals, you didn't put that weight on overnight and it's going to come off slowly.   Work your tool, exercise, drink your fluids, eat your protein and you'll have success!!!

Good luck,


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on 6/3/11 11:23 am
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on 6/3/11 10:59 pm - Saginaw, MI
When I first came out of surgery I weighed about 10lbs more... but after the first month I had already lost almost 20lbs. It will start to fly off and YOU may not recognize it, but others around you will. I am now 2yrs 8 mths out and I STILL tend to look at larger sizes then i am. I was 298 at my heaviest and 136 at my lowest. Currently tho, I am 181,... but also 9 months pregnant LOL So I get some slack cut for that LOL :)

But dont focus on the number, focus on how you FEEL.  I mean you can weigh yourself and all, but know that things will change and your body is still getting used to this whole new process.

Congrats to you guys, its not easy but its SO worth it :)

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on 6/4/11 2:09 pm

That is absolutely outstanding!!!! You should feel so proud of yourself!   I haven't had surgery yet so I can't answer you question but I would think that slow and steady would be your goal.  25 pounds in 3 weeks is amazing work!!!!
on 6/6/11 9:32 pm - Midland, MI

I had my surgery at Hurley too, as well as my three children.  First off, let me say you are doing GREAT!  25 lbs is nothing to be disappointed about.  The weight will come off, it just takes time.

Everyone loses at different rates, so it is best not to compare yourself with others or it will make you crazy.  It depends on how much you have to lose as well as other factors. 

In our case, we all lost at different rates for sure.  I thought I had done very well by losing 160 lbs in 13 months, but then I see my sons, who had surgery in Dec 2010 (6 months out) and they have each lost more than 140 lbs already!  My daughter, on the other hand, is 13 months out and has lost about 120 lbs.  The boys are losing at an extremely fast pace and definitely NOT the 'norm'

Also, your journey will have stalls and periods where you are'nt losing.  I was horrible about obsessing with the scale and weighing myself every day and now I realize how it drove me crazy.  I would lose an average of 10-15 lbs each month for the first 12 months, but sometimes the whole weight loss would be in a 2 or 3 week period.  There would be days I would get on the scale and it would be the same or go up and it was so discouraging.  But then, by the end of the month, I had always lost my 10-15 lbs.

So my advice to you would be try not to weigh yourself every day and get caught up with being a slave to the scale.  Once a week is much better or even less if you can do it. 

Just follow the plan of getting in your protien first, drinking lots of water and exercising and you will see results!

Good luck to you!


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