Abdominal Adhesions

on 8/5/15 1:31 pm - Walled Lake, MI

Has anyone had abdominal adhesions from stomach surgery's?  13 years post op and have many hernias.  Any suggestions??

on 11/6/15 3:09 pm - Northern Lower, MI

Hi, I had a hernia repair almost 7 years ago and now get where my stomach pinches and I have to stand up and let the mesh move. They may do them different now. My RNY surgeon also did my hernia repair. Wish you well. Have a good weekend.

  Debbie M
Rny 6/20/06   299/180/170

on 1/2/16 6:01 am - Walled Lake, MI

I just got your reply...sorry it took me so long, I very rarely check the site. Thanks for the info and I wish you all the best