Cancelled Coffee April 10th

on 4/8/11 7:20 am - MO
Hi all,

I am not sure who all was gonna attend this coffee on Sunday, but I have decided to cancel.  Due to the pending gov shutdown I may be out of work next week and I am already stressing over that.  I know I didn't post a location yet, but If anybody was interested in attending let me know and I will reschedule at a later date. 

Hope everybody is doing well and have a great weekend
on 4/8/11 9:18 am
Paul H.
on 4/8/11 11:25 am - Eagan, MN
 Coffee in Burnsville is on Saurday. I have been through a couple of Gov't shutdowns. Sure they don't let you come to work, but in the past they ended up paying the salary later on. It was like another paid vaction. I wouldn't get stressed over it unless you are a person that needs a vital government service.
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on 4/10/11 12:05 pm
 Does this group meet everyweek?  I'm having surgery this tuesday and looking for a support group.  The one with United is very structured by the nutritionists.   It is good but would like to have more one to one with people as well.
on 4/11/11 9:22 pm - MO

This group doesn't meet every two weeks, but I was hoping to start one up near the border of MN/WI.  I moved from Burnsville to River Falls and the drive to coffee every Saturday is really starting to hurt my gas tank.  I am paying more to go have coffee.  If people are interested in a Woodbury Coffee I will do some scouting for a good location.  Right now I work for the Government so last week was really stressful at work and at home with the uncertanity of the gov shutdown. 

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