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Marsha F.
on 12/13/11 3:31 am

Hi everyone, I know it has been awhile since I have been on.  To be honest I am very ashamed to even be on here now.  I have gained alot of weight back.  I can't control myself right at the moment I always say I will start dieting on monday, then monday comes I'm good for a day or 2 then back to the same ole crap.  I really don't have that much support either, there are no support groups around here unless I come to the cities.  We have tried a few times to have coffee groups here but there is just not enough people.

I want to get back on track but am waiting till after the holidays.  I did join the gym this month so that's a start.  Have any of you tried after surgery lipozene, or any other jump start diet stuff?   I went from 300 lbs to 164 and currently I am at 199.  The more pissed off I get about it the more I eat.  Also, for about the last year i have been drinking beer, and sometimes lots of it.  It started out with drinking 1-2 and then gradually getting to be more and more.  Currently I have graduated to about 8-10 beers.  I feel so good when I drink all my worries and responsibilities go away, and I can let loose and be me.  I need to figure out how to do that with out the beer. 

I know I should quit with the excuses but I always have one.
I will be 5 years out in a couple days.  I know I can do it I just need that extra kick in the butt from you all.   So please feel free to help me out and let me have it.

For all you NEW ones I beg you NEVER NEVER let yourself get off track.  It is so easy to get off track and lose yourself.


on 12/13/11 8:04 am - MN
Hi Sarsha (big hug).  You shouldn't feel shame, you came on here and did a very difficult thing by making this post and I applaude your courage.  You realize that you need to make changes and that's a good thing.  Now the beer is NOT good.  I don't want you to damage your liver and end up sick or dead.  That worries me.  I would absolutley drink more than once in awhile if I could.  I feel like **** the next day even if I have just a little, not every time, but most.  I get what you are saying about it numbing your problems, I miss a good buzz  myself.  But please, please, please be careful.  It's a slippery slope.  I will cheer you on and help you in anyway that I can.  You know how to get ahold of me I think.  PM me if you  want.

You are a great gal Marsha, your wit and kindness drew me in right away.  I've not been around much either, but have thought about you and wondered how you were.

Get through the holidays and make the commitment to make the changes because you deserve it!

 RNY 12/28/09 
Paul H.
on 12/13/11 10:36 pm, edited 12/14/11 2:54 am - Eagan, MN
 Marsha, you are preaching to the choir and there is a reluctance to post a remedy as we all are in a similar boat. Remember when you were estatic to reach "Wonderland!!!?" Now you are afraid of the same number. I will only give two items of note here.

1. Love yourself and find a different way to fill your emptiness.

2. Mindful eating starts today and not tomorrow. The  mañana  diet NEVER works.

     You aren't lost, you just wandered off course for a bit, get back on track TODAY!

Maybe this article could help: cut-500-calories-day#0 
    55# Lost pre Surgery on 2/15/10, 100+ #  lost post surgery
Darla S.
on 12/13/11 11:01 pm, edited 12/13/11 11:18 pm - Maple Grove, MN
Marsha, my love, the first thing you have to do is FORGIVE YOURSELF.

I'll wait.


Okay. You and I both have an idea of the kinds of stresses we've each been dealing with - and how easy it is to rely on our old friends, food and alcohol, to comfort ourselves. But what REALLY happens is we end up making ourselves feel bad - then we beat ourselves up WORSE! Because we gain weight, and because we know that catching a good buzz more than once in a while is especially dangerous, what with our increased susceptability to liver problems and cross-addiction.

So here's what I would challenge you to do. First off, I would bet if you can find a way to cut out the beer, or at least drastically cut down on the amount you drink, you will drop a surprising number of those pounds you've gained. It's evil **** - you know that.

Second - DON'T WAIT to get yourself back in the game! Why? Because if you just let yourself have a Holiday free-for-all, you're going to gain more, beat yourself up more, and possibly miss out on the GOODNESS of the season while doing so. Don't give yourself permission to circle the drain!

Take EVERY OPPORTUNITY to do the right thing for your WLS. It's hard - F'ing hard - but for every success you have? Every cookie or ****tail you pass up? YOU'LL FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF. YOU'LL BUILD MORE DETERMINATION TO STAY ON TRACK!! YOU'LL LOSE WEIGHT, AND THAT WILL HELP YOU RE-KINDLE YOUR DETERMINATION TO GET BACK DOWN TO 164 - or whatever goal you set for yourself!

So there ya go. That's my wish for you this Christmas, sweetie. Give yourself that gift! I love you - please don't hesitate to call, email or text me, K? I'm here for you

(Oh - and IMHO, bag the lipozene idea. That's not why you had WLS, so you could go back to trying fad, chemical, 'miracle' diets. Why spend precious $$ on another gimic?)

  Imperfect does not = unsuccessful

on 12/14/11 12:23 am - Eagan, MN

I'm so proud of you for posting your worries and concerns here!!    You kno w that this group understands and supports--we've all been there, and continue to fight the battle.  The fact that you posted here shows that you are still fighting!!

It's hard to turn away from the things that have been our comfort in the past--alcohol and food.  If it wasn't hard, we wouldn't be here.  But there's no doubt in my mind that you can take charge and DO IT!  They gym membership is a great start--START NOW!  Don't wait!  Try to substitute exercise for the alcohol--you'll definitely feel better in the morning.   Want a beer?--go walk a mile instead. 

We're here for you--you can do it.  If you can get to a Sat support group in the Cities, we'd love to see you and give you a hug in person!
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