wanting to start group in Hutchinson MN

Marsha F.
on 12/19/11 7:37 am
After the new year I would like to start a coffee group in Hutchinson.  It can be on a saturday or if it works out better a weeknight.  So if anyone is interested let me know. 
on 12/20/11 3:09 am, edited 12/20/11 3:09 am - Gaylord, MN
If the time works out I will attend as I can. My Mankato group is no longer meeting and driving to the metro just isn't happening. Wasn't there a group that was meeting once or twice each month at Coffee Co. or Dunn Bros. at one point? Keep me posted!

Michelle R.
on 1/1/12 1:44 am - Gaylord, MN
Hi Marsha! I live in Gaylord and have been looking for a group nearby that meets consistently. Hutchinson would be great! Saturday mornings work the best for me but some weeknights may be do-able as well. Looking forward to meeting some new people in the new year!
(deactivated member)
on 1/27/12 6:11 am
Just wanted to put a little plug in here if you're interested.  There is a support group in Chaska at the 212 Medical Building every 1st Tuesday and 3rd Monday of Each Month.  They meet on the third floor conference room of the building at 6pm and it's about an hour.  The group is usually run by Dr. Hal Baumchen (Psychologist) unless there is a special topic of dietary or product rehlm.

If interested in more information call 952-442-7820.  I am a patient of Abbott's but I now work for Ridgeview's Bariatric and Weight Loss Center and am usually at the groups as a patient.  We range from 9-25 people each time and in my opinion Hal does a great job of keep the group on topic and giving everyone a chance to talk if you want.  Everybody and anybody is welcome.  There are a couple of ladies who are 7-9yrs post op that come so that is very interesting to have that dynamic.

Just thought I'd let you know.  We are seeing a lot of patients from the Hutch, Glencoe, Gaylord, New Ulm, Mankato area because of the location.

Wish you the best!
Anita B.
on 3/29/12 7:41 am - MN
When is this next support group?
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