trying weigh****chers points

Marsha F.
on 1/2/12 7:54 pm
I am going to try to do the weigh****chers points.  I didn't sign up for anything or commit to anything like that.  My husband had found this site and has tons of recipes.......I think beings I have gained as much as I did this will help better than doing the pouch test, or liquid diets, and what not.  The more I tell myself no too something the more I want it, with this I will not eat my breads, chips, crackers, rice, noodles, the stuff I shouldn't eat I'm not gonna eat....... 

I am alot to blame I bring the **** into the house for my boys, and hubby.  I have heard a few times we can still eat it then I feel guilty and buy it and keep buying it.  Sometimes I feel why bother.......

Getting back to the points system I am really excited about this, first time in a long time I am excited.
I have given up my beer, and decided I need to find something else to make me feel good and happy, and I think finding the new me again is the ticket.

I hope you all have a good week........If anyone wants to do the points system with me let me know.

on 1/3/12 3:06 am, edited 1/3/12 12:04 pm - Roberts, WI

I would love to. I've been looking into to attending meetings, but the closest one is almost 30 miles away from me.  I can't afford to drive it each week.  I don't want to do the online because there's no accountability.  I need to be accountable.  Can you send me the website and any other info you have?

It's been a long time.  I'm up some too, about 25lbs. My friends keep reminding me how far I'm still down.  But I want to lose at least 10 so my clothes fit without leaving marks!!  My weight today was 156.5.  My goal is 145.

I'd like to do this as long as we hold each other accountable and can email each other tips, recipes, ideas, encouragement, etc.  Feel free to call me any time you need someone to chat with so you don't eat...I'll email you my number after we connect.

Thanks for doing this...
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Connie D.
on 1/4/12 12:42 am
Hi nice to see your post!!

WE all have to work on this together!!!

HUGS....connie d
on 1/4/12 12:28 pm - Roberts, WI
Hi Connie,

When will you be back???  And...welcome back!!!

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Connie D.
on 1/4/12 1:43 pm
Hi Debi...I am moving back on the 21st unless there is bad far no snow here at all. Beautiful day today!

HUGS....connie d
on 1/5/12 1:07 am - Roberts, WI
HUGS back at you!!!!
HW 265 / SW 226.5 / CW 130.5 / GW 135
Connie D.
on 1/4/12 12:41 am
Hi Marsha...nice to see your post!!

I have been thinking about the points/WW too. I am waiting until I get moved. It will be much easier when I don't have all the extra stuff around like I do here!! I can see why it is harder when there are children around. Every now and then I catch myself eating up the food that Grace doesn't eat...UGH!!

Keep in touch sweetie...I sure do miss you!!

Love and Hugs.....connie d
nicole W.
on 1/4/12 8:45 am - Bismarck, ND
I would also be interested in doing a points program. I have done WW in the past and it didnt seem like a diet just an easy to follow accountability and planning program.
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on 1/10/12 8:19 am - Cottage Grove, MN
Hi Marsha,
How ironic. I was just checking out the WW web site for their online program. But I don't want to spend all that money. So if this is something we can all help each other out with...count me in.

on 1/16/12 2:02 am - Fargo, ND
Hello Marsha,
Nice post, I to am fighting those demons! Count me in. No clue where you found the information.
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