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Marsha F.
on 4/27/12 3:42 am
So what is everyones plans this weekend?  I see that there alot of 5k's coming up in different places in the next few months.  Who has done them?  I would like to but I hate listening to the flubber bounce all around people would have to stop and take cover not knowing what the hell is a coming.....  How long do you have to train for it?  I bought one of those big balls and my kids just giggle at me, so that is not really an option at this moment huh.
The weather is going to be icky this weekend so hang in there people............So feel free to chime in and play along.......

I am going to either St. Cloud or Mankato to shop haven't done that in awhile.  Wanted to go camping but it is going to be to icky out so will wait till another time.
Paul H.
on 4/27/12 3:18 pm - Eagan, MN
    The South of the River group had seven people go for the Obesity Challenge 5k..I recommend signing up for a 5k. It is THE thing that gor me "getting ready" for a month prior to the event. I do not run the distance, nor do I walk/jog. I just walk it and try to improve my times on subsequent events.
    The week before I biked 35 miles and did 3 "5ks" on the treadmill. This week, I did a lot less, so I might have to sign up for another just to stay focused.
    Another thing is just finding someone that wants to get out and move. Our group is trying to set up a bike ride or trail trek on Sunday afternoons.

    So het out there and get the body a movin   !!!!
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daniel G.
on 4/29/12 2:37 am - MN

Please let me urge you to sign up for a 5K. Any one, pick one, as it doesn't matter, really, which one it is.  The energy, fear, excitement and finally, the achievement will be amazing to you and to your brain. The sheer cumulation of the above emotions will let you finish. 

You'll run, then you'll walk for a while, then you'll trot for a little while and walk some more. Then, you'll find someone who inspires you to run even a little longer, then you'll walk and huff-and-puff for a while.  Finally, you'll decide that it's time to run so you can at least be running when you cross the finish line--and no, you won't be last.  Your cheeks will hurt from smiling. Your eyes will be swollen, holding back tears that only you will know exist.  Your inner-parent will pat you on the back and lift you up in the air like you're 5 years old again, having just ridden on two wheels for the first time.

Pick one. I ran my first one with no friends nearby because I didn't want to be embarassed or feel like I was holding them up--they ran way ahead.  I prefered the solitude with my ipod.  

Your next step is to pay the $40, get a free t-shirt. and do it.  (I'll pay you back if you hate it).
on 4/29/12 10:01 am
Great post, Dan!  Follow his great advise, Marsha!!!
~ Kim

on 4/30/12 12:26 am - Eagan, MN
I totally agree with everyone, Marsha!  Go for it--it really helps to have a goal, keeps you motivated to get ready for it.

The SOTR group talked about doing another 5K as a group--we had so much fun!  There are so many, and plenty of them cater to walkers as well as runners.  I know that I am planning to to the Eagan 5K Your Way in May--there will be walkers, runners, bicyclists, rollerbladers, you can do it anyway you like.  And it's a family event, so there's a kids run and stuff, too.  I think that it is a long way for you, but a fun event.

Trust me, there will be people faster than you and people slower than you.  There will be people smaller than you and bigger than you.  It doesn't matter--what matters is you get out there and do it for yourself!
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