5 years??!!

nicole W.
on 6/5/12 2:15 am - Bismarck, ND
 Hello. I used to be a regular, and was so thankful to this board for getting me through my journey to weight loss. I looked at the calendar today, and realized it was 5 years ago that I went through the most wonderful, horrible, scary, exciting, and now lifechanging surgery. 

I was 270 at my heaviest. Now, 5 years later, an IVF baby, and life I really don't know for sure (baby is 6 months). However, I am in MUCH smaller clothes, I am MUCH healthier, and I am living my life. 

Now, in 15 short days, I will be starting another journey. I will be having an abdominalplasty to remove the large amount of skin from my upper and lower belly. (I have had severe back pain for 3 years, and they are hoping this will help it). Insurance agreed to cover a large majority of the surgery, and we just happened to have the amount they won't cover in savings! 

I realize a lot of the regulars who may remember me are gone, but I just wanted to share this with the few that remain, and cheer on the people who are just starting this life changing journey. It is SO WORTH IT!  
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on 6/5/12 7:34 am - Big Lake, MN
Congrats on getting your PS. Hope it relieves your back pain.

nicole W.
on 6/6/12 1:01 am - Bismarck, ND
Thank you Carol 
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on 6/7/12 12:12 am - Moorhead, MN
I am VERY curious about your upcoming procedure! Looking at some of your pictures it doesn't appear you have a huge apron or anything (wondering where you are hiding all this stomach skin!)...but more like what I am dealing with. I don't have the back pain your're dealing with - not that I can directly relate to my stomach skin, but what I have is really frustrating and keeping my confidence down. After two babies close together and the surgery where I lost 111#'s fast...its flabby.

What requirements did you meet/have that said the plastic surgeon could help you? And how did you get insurance to pay?!?!

PM if you wish...or post here.
      Began my journey in 2008 at 246#....lost 111#...have regaind about 35#'s of which I am currently trying to rectify!
nicole W.
on 6/7/12 3:40 am - Bismarck, ND

I wear very good spanx underneath! I have two sections of skin, the panni, which hangs right at the level of my back pain and is causing most of it, and then the upper section above the belly button that is especially bothersome because after my leak, they had to open me up from sternum to belly button, thus creating a "butt-like" appearance, and belly button rashes. 

For my insurance, they only agreed to the panni portion, because the back pain is one of the reasons for removal according to my policy. For the upper portion, despite the pictures of the rashes, etc, they denied that. They consider an upper abdominalplasty cosmetic, and my Dr. said they will never cover that but I could pay out of pocket that amount. The total surgery is estimated at 13-15K with no complications. 
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